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CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz

Finding a menstrual cup that doesn't leak, is free of toxins, sits comfortably, and is easy to use can be challenging and frustrating — Enter CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz!

What Is CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz?

CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz is an online quiz that helps you find a menstrual cup that is your perfect match based on 10 questions about your menstruation and lifestyle.

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Hand-Picked brands by our experts — For your safety

We'd like to think that most menstrual cup brands try their best to meet the highest safety and quality regulatory requirements.

Unfortunately, bad eggs still slip through the cracks of control mechanisms every now and then.

That's why we're dedicated to giving you only the best of what's out there.

Not biased, endorsed nor affiliated with any menstrual cup brand

That's right — The result from the quiz is 100% objective. As it should be.

This means you can feel as comfortable using CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz as wearing your menstrual cup!

How CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz works


Answer 10 questions about your menstruation and lifestyle.


Submit your answers.


Compare and pick your favorite menstrual cup.

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