A Complete List of Menstrual Cups for Teenagers

Can teens use a menstrual cup? The answer is: Yes! In fact, a menstrual cup is perfect for you if you're a teen. If you're a teen and are heavily involved in sports, then a menstrual cup is perfect for you. If you're a teen and you can't use tampons or pads, then a menstrual cup is perfect for you. And the list goes on. The next thing you might be wondering as a teenager is: Exactly which menstrual cup should I get? Typically, smaller sized menstrual cups are recommended for teenagers. Let's take a look at the options available!
Intimina Lily Cup One
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Lunette Model 1
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Lunette Model 1

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Intimina Lily Cup One

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Intimina Lily Cup One

Bustle describes the Intimina Lily Cup One as follows:

"Intimina Cup One is designed to be one of the most petite options on the market. It's also one of the best options for teenagers or those who have never used a menstrual cup before."

We ran Intimina's own menstrual cup finder and we selected all of the parameters that characterize a teenager and the menstrual cup that we were suggested was the Lily Cup One.

Intimina menstrual cup finder result

Capacity: 20 ml

Where to Buy:

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Lunette Model 1

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Lunette Model 1

The Lunette Model 1 is specifically designed for younger users.

Not only is it smaller and shorter, but it is also squishier for easier insertion.

Capacity: 25 ml

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Saalt Cup Small

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Saalt Cup Small

The Saalt Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of soft medical-grade silicone.

It's biocompatible and chemical-free.

It comes in two sizes:

Small and Regular.

Teenagers are recommended the smaller model.

The Saalt Menstrual Cup Small can hold up to 25 ml and is 70 mm in length.

Capacity: 25 ml

Where to Buy:


Hello Cup XS

Hello Cup XS

First up we have the Hello "teen" menstrual cup, also known as the Hello Cup XS.

The "XS" stands for extra small.

The Hello cups are made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) which means they have different properties compared to their medical-grade silicone counterparts.

When heated, TPE has the unique ability to create a more custom fit by molding to your shape.

Capacity: 17.5 ml

Me Luna Standard Classic Small

What makes the MeLuna Classic Standard Small the perfect cup for teens?

MeLuna Standard Classic Small

Me Luna offers an immense amount of choices for its customers.

Here are some of the criteria for what makes a great teen menstrual cup according to them:

1. "It needs to be narrow so that there is no pressure felt when the cup is worn. A narrower cup is also easier to fold into a small shape for easy, pain-free insertion and removal."

2. "The handles need to be easy to grasp for new users but flexible so that they don't cause discomfort."

3. "Shorter is not always better and longer is often uncomfortable. Most teens have average cervix height and do not need shorty cups. In fact, using a shorty cup when it's not needed can make the cup more prone to leaking and the menstrual cup can be difficult to reach for removal in users with regular cervix height. At the same time, a menstrual cup that's very long can protrude and be painful. The Me Luna Classic Standard menstrual cup in small is the perfect height for growing bodies: not too tall to where it pokes you, not too short where it gets difficult to grasp the cup for removal."

4. "Your period is not an illness. It's perfectly fine to have a little fun with gorgeous colors. Pick your favorite Me Luna menstrual cup color and you're are all set!"

Capacity: 23 ml

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MyCup "Teen" Size 0

MyCup Teen Size 0

Advertised as "Perfect for first-time cup users aged 12-18 years.".

MyCup "Teen" Menstrual Cup is the smallest of their three models Size 0, Size 1, and Size 2.

Its capacity is 16.5 ml to the air holes and 22 ml to the rim.

Capacity: 22 ml

FemmyCycle Petite

FemmyCycle Petite

According to, their Petite model is considered perfect for teenagers, small-bodied women, and those with lighter menstrual cycles.

The FemmyCycle Petite is 10% smaller than FemmyCycle Regular and it can hold up to 17.5 ml.

Capacity: 17.5 ml

Where to Buy: Amazon

Aneer Menstrual Cup

Aneer Menstrual Cup

The smaller Aneer Menstrual Cup is said to be designed specifically for younger users.

It's smaller and shorter than a size Large.

The Aneer Menstrual Cup Small can hold up to 24 ml.

Capacity: 24 ml

Pixie Cup Luxe Small

Pixie Cup Luxe Small

The Pixie Cup Luxe is specifically designed for women with a normal to low cervix height.

It's extra soft and pliable.

For most teen- and pre-teen users, the smaller Pixie Cup is the recommended option.

Capacity: 20 ml

Where to Buy: Amazon

DivaCup Model 0

DivaCup Model 0

DivaCup recently released a teen version of their DivaCup menstrual cup — the DivaCup Model 0.

The DivaCup Model 0 is advertised as follows:

"For those new to the world of periods or 18 years of age or younger."

Model 0 is the smallest of the three models with a capacity of 17 ml.

These cups are made in Canada.

And in the following image is the result of their menstrual cup finder that we received after filling out three simple questions about our menstruation and lifestyle:

DivaCup menstrual cup finder result

Capacity: 17 ml

Where to Buy: Amazon

Claricup Size 0 and Claricup Size 1

Claricup Size 0

Claricup Size 1

Claricup is made by Claripharm and Claricups are available in 4 sizes.

The Claricup Size 0 is their smallest cup.

These cups are made in France of biocompatible anti-microbial medical-grade silicone.

Their website states:

"For teens or young women, we advise Size 0 or Size 1 which will be easier to insert and to remove."

Capacity Claricup Size 0: 13.7 ml
Capacity Claricup Size 1: 20.2 ml

Where to Buy: Amazon (Size 0), Amazon (Size 1)

Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup

Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup

Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup is made in Spain of soft medical-grade TPE which is clinically tested and recyclable.

The Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup is hypoallergenic, clinically, and dermatologically tested.

Here's what they have to say about teenagers and menstrual cups:

"There is absolutely no reason teenagers can’t use menstrual cups. Girls can start using cups when they first get their period if they feel comfortable to do so. We recommend starting with the Pelvi Teen Cup as it’s been specially designed for younger girls."

Capacity: 17 ml

Teen Cups Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Capacity
Claricup Size 0 13.7 ml
DivaCup Model 0 17 ml
Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup 17 ml
FemmyCycle Petite 17.5 ml
Hello Cup XS 17.5 ml
Intimina Lily Cup One 20 ml
Pixie Cup Luxe Small 20 ml
Claricup Size 1 20.2 ml
MyCup "Teen" Size 0 22 ml
Me Luna Standard Classic Small 23 ml
Aneer Menstrual Cup 24 ml
Lunette Model 1 25 ml
Saalt Cup Small 25 ml

Menstrual Cups for Teenagers: Top 10 Brands YouTube Video

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