CUP-FIGURATOR™: The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Quiz (2022 Version)

CUP-FIGURATOR™: The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Quiz (2022 Version)

Menstrual cups are understandably popular as eco-friendly and cleaner alternatives to pads and tampons. There is a lot of appeal in making the switch. But, how can you be sure you are getting the best possible product? One option is to take a menstrual cup quiz to match up with the most compatible products. CUP-FIGURATOR™ is highly recommendable. Below, you will see why this online quiz is such a great choice and what to expect from the questionnaire.

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Which Menstrual Cup Is Right for Me?

With so many brands of menstrual cups out there, it can be difficult to determine the best option. There are lots of variables to take into account with the materials used, the ability to handle heavy flows, and their ease of use. Instead of getting overwhelmed with products online with minimal information, you can use a menstrual cup questionnaire like CUP-FIGURATOR™ instead. This should allow for clearer, faster advice.


CUP-FIGURATOR™ aims to provide a suitable match for all users so that we can find a menstrual cup that is the best fit. There is no affiliation with any sort of brand. Instead, the aim is to provide information and links to a range of products deemed worthy of use.

These are the brands that take the time to create products that are safe, easy to use, and effective for containing blood. After all, if you end up with a thin bit of silicone that shifts and leaks, what is the point? As they mention on their website, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon without working on effective product development. There are also too many companies keen to create cheap knock-offs without considering health and safety implications.

That is why a menstrual cup questionnaire like this is so helpful. We get the chance to see the best options laid out without having to spend too much time carrying out our own research and product comparisons. Going it alone isn't ideal when there are so many options and we may be led down the wrong path by a cheaper price or nice branding.

A Menstrual Cup Quiz Doesn't Have to Be Scary

It is OK if you feel a little uncomfortable or even anxious about doing something like this. So, before we look at this quiz in more detail, let's take a moment to remember the following.

  • There is no right or wrong answer. All you need to do here is put in details that are true to your body and experience. Then you will get a suitable result that should be a good match for your vagina and flow.

  • There is nothing to be embarrassed about. All of our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Our cervixes aren't all alike, and that's fine. We all also deal with different flows and have individual needs when it comes to period products and care. No one can shame you for having a weaker bladder or a heavier flow. The algorithm running the online quiz certainly couldn't care less.

  • There is no pressure or commitment to get anything based on the results of the quiz. There will be helpful recommendations based on the answers you give, and you can use these to potentially improve your period care. But, there is no obligation to purchase anything. Only do what you are comfortable with.

Why Is CUP-FIGURATOR™ the Best Menstrual Cup Quiz?

One of the reasons that CUP-FIGURATOR™ is such a great tool for choosing the best menstrual cup is that it doesn't have high expectations and allows for that stress-free process. You can complete the quiz at your own pace and then get the results you need. There are helpful reminders before starting the quiz that you only need to provide the best answer you can. As long as you go with what you think is the closest option, you should get a more accurate result.

It is also nice that there are just 10 questions. This is the ideal number as there is enough here that the site can process important information and determine a good fit. But, at the same time, there aren't so many questions that the process becomes a little invasive or tedious. You can complete this in a short space of time, which also means less chance of putting it off to another day.

The layout of the site is nice too. The questions are clear to read and answer, you can see a progress bar at the top so you know how well you are doing. There are also options to go back to the beginning or a previous question if you need to.

Then you get your results page. What is nice here is that the site works to match us with the best brand based on a wide selection of quality items. They have a good idea of which brands are the best and most reliable, and then use a broad range in their system for better compatibility. You can learn more about what these results mean and your next step later on in this guide. Before that, let's look at those questions in more detail.

What Does the Menstrual Cup Quiz Ask Us?

So, now we know that this menstrual cup questionnaire is probably a good idea, what can we expect to answer? There are 10 questions in total that ask you about your body, how you might react to different cups, and some basic personal information. Don't worry too much about this. Some of the questions do get into intimate detail about your body to determine possible limitations. You can only give one answer for each question. If you are unsure what to say for a particular question, go with what feels right.

Let's go through the questions here for an idea of what to expect. This can help you determine your answers and prepare for filling out the quiz online. That way, it shouldn't get too overwhelming when using the website.

1. How old are you?

This is an easy one to start with — just scroll through to find your age. The range is from 8 to 60, allowing for pre-teens just starting their periods and those still menstruating into retirement.

2. Have you given birth?

This is an easy yes or no. This one is important as it can determine potential changes in your cervix and how that may affect your choices in period products.

3. Are you new to the world of periods?

Essentially, this is for those that have either recently started menstruation as part of puberty. You may take this quiz with your daughter to help them with their first period care products. This is where the wording of the question helps. It is less clinical for younger users.

4. How active are you?

The choices here are as follows: not very active, semi-active, active, very active or athlete. It might be hard to judge if you are active or semi-active. Consider how much exercise you do in the week. Especially if you go to the gym or walk a lot.

5. How would you describe the position of your cervix?

This is the most difficult question of them all because there is a good chance that you don't know. That's fine. You may not even be fully aware of where your cervix is right now.

The site recommends taking a measurement using your index finger. If you can feel the cervix at around the 1st knuckle, it is low. If you have to use the whole finger or can't feel it, it is high. Also, the position can move through the month based on your cycle. It will be higher and feel softer during ovulation. Because of all these variables, it is fine if you don't have a definitive answer. You can say "unsure" instead.

6. How would you describe your menstrual flow?

There are four options here: light, regular, heavy, and very heavy. Again, this can be tricky depending on your experience. You might think your flow is heavy if you only recently started menstruating, or have never spoken with others about their experiences. Also, guides that talk about milliliters of blood don't make it any easier. Think about how many pads or tampons you tend to use in a day. Also, are there any significant clots of blood lost during the day?

7. Are you allergic to silicone?

The majority of cups are silicone-based. But, you don't want to use one if you have an allergy. This information can help the site point you towards alternative materials.

8. Are you allergic to TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers)?

Some cups are made from this plastic instead, so you need to be sure it is suitable.

9. Are you allergic to latex/rubber?

This one is more common. If you have struggled with latex products in the past, such as latex condoms, you might need to avoid a latex cup.

10. Do you have a sensitive bladder or suffer from incontinence?

Again, this is a simple yes or no. If you have bladder weakness, the wrong cup may affect it. Be honest.

Getting Your Results

After question 10, you can submit the menstrual cup questions to get your results. The site asks for an email and takes you to a new page.

A good tip here if you are trying to do this as privately as possible is to put in a fake email address. That way you don't get the email of recommendations that appear in your inbox where others may see it. You still get the same results page at the end, with the links to the products and comparisons.

If you prefer having the recommendations sent to you in an email, this can be beneficial. It allows you to save the result somewhere safe to refer back to another day. Therefore, you don't have to handle every aspect of the process at once if it starts to feel confusing or overwhelming. Another benefit of working with this menstrual cup quiz is there is the promise of no spam emails if you provide your data.

How to Choose a Menstrual Cup: Understanding Your Quiz Results

In a matter of seconds, your results will appear on screen "fresh from the lab". You can scroll through a list of products and see how well they match your results. There are also reviews and prices with Amazon links for purchase.

On top of that, there is also the ability to compare models directly. For example, say you get the EvaCup and Fleurcup appear as they match many of your answers. You can click to compare them and go to a separate page. Here, a table shows useful information side by side for an idea of what to expect. With these two, you can see that the Fleurcup has a nice flat stem, firm medical grade silicone, and is large enough for a regular flow, but it doesn't have the measuring marks or storage pouch of the EvaCup and isn't made in the USA. You can determine the best option based on the factors that are most important to you.

Take the CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Quiz Today to Start Your Journey

Finding the best menstrual cup for your needs doesn't have to be so challenging or time-consuming when you have a tool like this menstrual cup questionnaire to guide you in the right direction. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the questions and get instant results. Once you have your recommendations, you can then choose which products to compare and whether you might want to click the link to purchase one.

You could be a few clicks away from buying the perfect menstrual cup for your needs or simply gaining the information you need to learn more about your options. Either way, you can use the quiz in a way that works for you. Consider your answers to the questions above, take a look at the quiz, and see how CUP-FIGURATOR™ can help you.

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