Elvie Trainer vs Perifit

Elvie Trainer vs Perifit


What I'm about to tell you will not only put a stop to that annoying overactive bladder; it will also speed up postnatal recovery, relieve stress continence, prevent pelvic floor disorders, and avoid surgery by preventing or reducing prolapse.

A New Lease of Life

Let me tell you about not one, but two fantastic products that will allow you to enjoy life to the full by eliminating any of the pelvic floor dysfunctions you may be suffering from.

Whether you've just given birth and are going through postnatal recovery or are at that age when pelvic floor disorders start to occur, both the Elvie Trainer and Perifit products will provide you with a new lease of life.

Elvie Trainer vs Perifit

Two products whose aim is both the same, to strengthen the pelvic floor.

But which one will you choose?

Which one has all the benefits you're looking for, and which one fits your budget?

Elvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer with charger and app

The smallest kegel exercise tracker in the world, the Elvie Trainer, comes with an app that, once installed, allows you to track your progress on screen.

It Really Is Fun

Exercise in any form can seem tedious and arduous at the best of times; this is where the Elvie Trainer goes a long way to conquering that problem with the addition of a fun app.

It allows for your pelvic floor exercises to be visualized in real-time using biofeedback, a mind/body technique frequently used by professionals in the health care industry for the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

Just squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and watch the gems on your phone screen rise in response to the strength of your contraction.

The app includes six exercises lasting five minutes each, giving you a full pelvic floor workout to help build strength in those muscles that have weakened either after childbirth or with time.

Improve Your Technique

We're all aware that exercise is good for us, but doing them incorrectly can do more harm than good.

Nearly a third of women push down when performing a pelvic floor workout, which could be harmful and lead to injury.

Elvie's patented technology means it can get to know the way you exercise by measuring the force you use, as well as your motion, picking up any incorrect contractions to help you improve your technique.

By Women for Women

Nobody knows a woman's body like a woman, so it's comforting to know that the Elvie Personal Trainer was designed by women and is the winner of more than eleven awards.

Its sleek, compact design and highest grade medical silicone body mean for smooth and comfortable insertion.

There's an optional cover for custom sizing, and the Elvie Trainer will fit any number of body shapes.

Recommended by Experts

It's always reassuring when we see experts in the medical field recommending and giving their approval to such products.

So knowing that not only have over one thousand health specialists such as physiotherapists, obstetricians as well as personal trainers vouched for the kegel trainer, Elvie is now proud to announce they are working in partnership with the NHS supply chain.

In the Box

Your Elvie personal trainer is one hundred percent waterproof and rechargeable by using the supplied micro USB cable.

It comes complete with a start-up guide and a carry case that conveniently doubles up as a charger.

An optional cover is available.

Buy Elvie Trainer (Amazon)


Perifit device and smartphone app

Larger in size yet lower in cost, the Perifit is another personal kegel exerciser, and like the Elvie Trainer comes with an app that allows you to track your progress and correct any flaws in your pelvic floor workout, and it doesn't need to be charged.

The battery it comes with will last for ten years, yes, you heard me right, ten years.

If the battery does run out within five years, they'll send you a new one free of charge.

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It's a Kegel Exerciser

Well, it's an exerciser that doubles up as a game to help motivate and add fun to your workout.

Here we go again with that fun and exercise thing, aren't we being spoilt today.

Anyway, what you do is control a bird on the screen of your phone with your pelvic floor.

Sounds simple?

Well, it is.

When you contract your pelvic floor, the little tweety bird flys upwards, and by relaxing it, your cute little bird will go downwards.

How high your feathered friend flys depends on the strength of your contraction.

Safe and Effective

Perifit uses a unique technology that ensures you carry out your exercises safely and correctly.

Its dual sensor technology measures the quality of your routine by tracking both your deep and superficial contractions during your workout.

This helps make sure all your contractions are of benefit to you, and more importantly, they're safe and healthy.

Seeing Is Believing

Because you can't see your pelvic floor, it's hard to determine whether you're doing your kegel exercises correctly.

Well, worry no more because the Perifit was designed with this in mind.

It will ensure your contractions are of the correct intensity by giving you instant feedback in the form of statistics through its in-app games.

With these statistics and feedback at your disposal, you can ensure that you're contracting your pelvic floor muscles with the correct intensity and for the right amount of time, helping to maintain pelvic health and prevent any future issues.

Your Personal Trainer

I apologize in advance if this sounds a little too techy, but it needs to be said.

Perifit uses what's known as proprietary algorithms to evaluate your pelvic floor workout, and it does this against five key metrics, which are release and accuracy, strength, endurance, and frequency.

In lay-mans terms, it sees how rubbish we are at doing the exercises then corrects it.

What this means to you and me is we have our own personal, albeit virtual trainer who can now customize our kegel exercises to fit our individual needs.

Highly Recommended and Safe

As well as being recommended by over one thousand doctors, physiotherapists, and midwives, the author of 'Female pelvic floor rehabilitation' also recommends the use of Perifit for pelvic floor workouts.

Its anatomical shape means it fits easily and is comfortable to use.

It's made from a waterproof medical silicone that can be easily cleaned by using just soap and water.

Buy Perifit (Amazon)

Which One Is for You?

Two great products that promise to do virtually the same thing, just in their own unique way.

The fact that the apps used in conjunction with both these units take on the form of a game makes them both extremely appealing.

How many times have you had to prise yourself off your sofa before commencing in any exercise or tried to tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow instead?

Because our exercises work in conjunction with certain games, it makes it a lot less dull and adds fun to our routine.

With the technology of both kegel exercisers picking up any flaws in the way we perform our workouts, we can be assured that we will be doing them correctly in the future to get the maximum benefit.

The Elvie Trainer and Perifit will eliminate those overactive bladder problems, they'll speed up postnatal recovery, relieve stress continence, and prevent other pelvic floor disorders, which means there's only one winner here, and that's you.

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