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Everything Wrong With the New 'Period' Emoji

Plan International UK created five period emoji designs and a phenomenal 54600 voted for their favorite: The period pants (image below). The period pants emoji was submitted to the Unicode (not 🦄) Consortium (the official body that manages emojis worldwide). Sadly, the period pants design didn’t get accepted. Instead, a blood drop emoji made it to the 2019 release.

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First of all, the new emoji is a drop of blood.

There's no "period" or "menstruation" in "a drop of blood".

It can represent many things, including periods, but not exclusively.

Let me give you four examples of why this icon is the worst possible icon imaginable for periods.

The new period emoji

Image: The new "period" emoji. Source Plan International UK.

The period pants design initially proposed

Image: The period pants design initially proposed by Plan International UK.

Plan International UK

Plan International UK is a children’s charity. They strive to advance children’s rights and equality for girls all over the world.

FAIL #1: Vampires


Image: A bloodthirsty vampire.

Larry swipes through the list of emojis on his phone because he wants to send a cool text to his buddies Tim and Fred.

He notices there's a bunch of new emojis that weren't there the day before.

Without giving it too much thought, he sees the "red drop" and thinks to himself:

"Cool, a drop of blood — now I can let everyone know when I'm on my nightshifts as a blood-sucking vampire!".

And then he carries on with his text to his friends.

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FAIL #2: Road Signs

Road sign

Image: An unambiguous road sign.

Imagine if road signs were ambiguous.

Car accidents would skyrocket.

The point being that symbols or icons should be as easily understood as possible by humans and they should represent what they were meant for.

Clearly, the "period" emoji fails horribly in this category.

FAIL #3: Taboos

Breaking taboos.

Wasn't this one of the main goals of the new "period" emoji?

Also a major fail.


Because it's not a period emoji! 🤦

FAIL #4: And Lastly — This Will Blow Your Mind! 🤯

The "period" emoji is not even a period emoji at all!

Want proof?

Take a look at the emoji chart below and notice that there is no such thing as a period emoji.

It' simply a "drop of blood" under the "Medical" category with three keywords:

"blood donation", "medicine" and "menstruation".

The word menstruation is there alright.

But what about "transfusion"?

And "blood-sucking vampires"?

Why aren't those on that list?

And more importantly; why can't they have their own dedicated emoji?!

Very disappointing!

(Yeah, I know! 🧛🧛🧛) emoji charts for 2019

Image: Excerpt of the updated emoji chart for 2019.

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But Why so Grumpy, It's Just an Emoji!?

Because when the 54600 people who voted for the "period pants"-emoji as their favorite get ran over like that (+ the rest of the 4 billion human females on this planet), it makes me mad!

Grumpy the cat-mad! ⬇️

Grumpy cat

Image: Grumpy cat really pissed off about the new "period" emoji.

At we're hopeful that eventually there will be a real period emoji.

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