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Foreo Bear vs Foreo Bear mini


If cuteness is the most important thing when buying skincare items, I guess that Bear wins. It really looks like a toy and, at first sight, I thought that Foreo was only playing with this skincare trend. And play they did.

The Bear collection appears a bit... perfect. Even Goldilocks would approve. Its creators took everything good about EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) devices and married it off to everything good about their cleansers and massagers. Now we have two baby bears that promise to turn back the clock and even make our skin look better than ever before.

But does this fairytale have a happily ever after? If it does, do both devices pack an equal amount of fairy dust? Let's see what's in the box, how the devices compare to each other, and if one or both are a glass-slipper-perfect fit.

Foreo Bear and Forea Bear mini are unique face massagers that combine electrical stimulation and Foreo's T-Sonic technology. Both devices connect to an app that can teach you how to use them for best results, as well as help you locate them if they get misplaced.

They are safe to use for most, especially due to the Anti-Shock System. It's designed to check the skin's resistance to electricity throughout the treatment and adjust power accordingly.

The big Bear is a versatile device that packs enough punch for salon-grade results. The baby Bear is half the size and half as powerful. Still, it's perfectly suited for working around facial contours and treatments on the go.

EMS + T-Sonic Combo

Microcurrent skin treatments have been around since the 70s. They have shown to help with general rejuvenation, even going as being a great tool for healing wounds.

What makes this combo special is Foreo's T-Sonic technology. It's the same type of ultrasonic vibration you get from their other products and these waves have been shown to penetrate deep into the skin. Some EMS massagers offer vibration settings as well, but rarely combine microcurrent and sonic waves into one single treatment.

What does this mean in practical terms? Well, if your skin is an artisan loaf of bread, then this device is one of those fancy commercial steam ovens. The dual cooking method is the only way to bake perfect bread, with steam creating a soft crumb and dry heat of the oven wrapping it in a crunchy crust.

Human skin is 64% water and that's what the microcurrent will be stimulating. Everything else will get a buzz from the sonic vibrations, allowing for complete skin treatment.

Is This Product Safe for All?

In general, because home devices don't pack that much of a punch, they should be safe to use. Of course, you should still pay attention to the listed precautions and warnings.

That being said, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants, give this product a skip for now. Dental implants, fillings, and braces may cause a zap as well, so talk to your dentist first and start with a lower intensity level.

Foreo Bear


Foreo Bear is one of the rare microcurrent skin care devices on the market that has enough power to rival the machine at the esthetician's office. At the highest level, it can pack as much of a punch as any one of them, plus it offers 5 microcurrent intensity levels in total so you can tailor the treatment to your needs.

Besides the EMS and T-Sonic technology combo, the Bear also features the smart Anti-Shock System. It basically checks your skin's resistance to electricity, then adjusts the intensity level so you don't get zapped. Quick warning: the system works on skin, but not on your earrings (take them off if you don't want to be surprised).

The device connects to the app (available for both Android and ‎iOS) that can guide you through multiple routines and help you find your Bear if it gets misplaced.

It's safe enough for daily use (at lower levels) but you can still see results if you use it twice a week. A single charge should provide you enough juice for 90 treatments.


  • Pro mode offers salon-grade results.
  • Offers both full facial and targeted routines.
  • Ergonomic shape that makes for easy maneuvering. Both lefties and righties are approved!
  • Smart anti-shock system.
  • Up to 3 months of daily use on a single charge.


  • Pricey. Not even trying to beat most of the competition here.
  • The Pro mode may be useless if you had a lot of dental work done.

Foreo Bear mini


The mini is more or less the Bear in training. It's half the size, more affordable, but it still packs a punch. It also offers the same benefits from the smart microcurrent and anti-shock technology as well as the signature T-pulsations.

However, mini also has only 3 levels of intensity and the highest one barely reaches half of the big Bear's potential. Also, the app is only going to show you how to use it for targeted treatments.

Still, it makes for a nice addition to anyone's skincare gadget collection. Either as a companion to the full-sized device or on its own for those who don't yet have to do heavy-duty repairs.


  • The same high-end tech as the full-sized version in a smaller, more affordable format.
  • Small enough to fit into any makeup bag or pocket.
  • Fits into all of the contours of the face.
  • If you misplace it, you can locate it using the app.
  • Long battery life so no need to bring the charger with you when traveling.


  • Offers only half the intensity of the big Bear.
  • The app will show you only how to do targeted treatments.

Foreo Serum

With 4 different types of hyaluronic acid and squalene, this is one very hydrating serum. But is it a must-have for your Bear to work properly? No.

Here's the thing: all you need for any of these types of devices to work on your skin is any water-based cosmetic product. That cheap tub of aloe vera gel will do just fine. Or you can use any other serum from your collection that lists water as its first ingredient. Never use it with oils, though.

In any case, you'll receive a sample of this product when you purchase either of the Bears, so you'll see if it's worth adding to your routine.

The Final Verdict

As you can see, you get more with the full-sized device. The question now is: do you need it all?

Even if you don't have to combat more serious signs of aging, Bear is a better investment if you've already hit your 30s or 40s. And since it packs twice as much power as Bear mini, it's the only choice if you want to achieve those salon-grade results.

That being said, the mini version is not only gentler on your wallet, but it can also be better suited for someone with stronger/sharper facial features. Its smaller size makes it a lot easier to work around your nose and the eye socket area.

Ideally, using both should provide you complete coverage, but if your Fairy Godmother is too busy helping some chick to go to a ball, pick one that you can see yourself using for the next 5 to 10 years.

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