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Foreo Bear vs Nu Skin Facial Spa


Using microcurrent technology to stimulate and tone up the muscles of our skin, the Foreo Bear and Nu Skin Facial Spa are two compact devices that aim to lift and remove wrinkles. However, while their core principle is shared, the intensity in both machines couldn't be any more different.

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the sea of facial care products in the market. As soon as I have finished trying out the latest product a new one comes out, and this keeps happening over and over again. However, this also means that there are always more and more products being released to help us out. And as long as there's more to cover I'll be here to help you out.

Today I'll be taking a look at the Foreo Bear and the Nu Skin Facial Spa. These two microcurrent devices have large brand names behind them and are sold at very similar prices to boot. So this Foreo Bear vs Nu Skin comparison is a great opportunity to define who does it better at the premium price point. So just stick with me and let's find out what these two have in store.

Testing Out the Foreo Bear


If there's anything apparent about the Foreo Bear is that it is cute and compact. Round shape, metal conductors perfectly placed like ears, a bold pink color, if this device didn't go for a Bear motif it could still pass off as Minnie Mouse. But what do you get for your $299? You get the Foreo Bear itself, a USB charging cable, a stand, a travel pouch, and a sample serum with 2ml of fluid.

The sample serum exists only to try to sell you on their conductive gel, and it will barely last one session. Thankfully any gel works for microcurrent, so you can use any brand to replace it. The charger and stand are really simple, all you get is a kickstand of sorts for your Bear. And the travel pouch is a good idea, but not exactly a protective case. All in all the extras are not much to write home about and do fall a little bit short at this price.

Using the Bear itself is both straightforward and kind of weird. The Bear is designed to work with its accompanying app, which is something of a custom with Foreo products. So you must make an account and sync it to your device to unlock it. Once it's unlocked you can technically use it manually without the app, but the app is much faster to configure and has pre-set routines, so you might as well stick to it. The operation itself is straightforward past that. Wash and dry your face, apply gel, and then glide the Bear over your face until the routine ends on its own. The Bear feels kinda overeager with its Anti-Shock System, as it almost always stings a bit at first and quickly subdues itself. But overall you do feel how your face becomes puffier and recovers youth. It left me with a great feeling after each session.

Testing Out the Nu Skin Facial Spa


Dropping the cutesy design for a straightforward look we have the Nu Skin Facial Spa, but how does it fare once it's out of the box? Well, the Facial Spa ultimately comes with less, but you might prefer the extras here. Once I opened the box I found the Facial Spa, an alternate conductor accessory, 150ml of gel, and... 2 AAA batteries. Yep, this guy runs on batteries. To be fair I haven't had any power issues so far, but paying $383 for a device that still needs batteries is a letdown.

The Nu Skin Facial Spa doesn't have an app, but it also comes with its own set of routines as explained in the manual. I found the ones in the Bear more intuitive, but each setting in the Facial Spa is tied to a routine so it's easy to get a grasp on the device. So once again clean and dry your face, apply some gel and get ready to rub the Facial Spa. Unlike the Bear, this guy comes with a small and large conductor, though the difference isn't large enough to feel relevant, and I think microcurrents are a better fit for small conductors anyways.

So how does it feel? Well, it doesn't, at all. The Facial Spa beeping means that it's working, but I can't feel anything at all in my sessions. Forget shocks, there's not so much as a tingle in here. I went online for a bit and this seems to be the consensus as well. So it's hard to tell you how well it works. I think there's some lift happening. But the device is way too subtle and the manual keeps sessions to a minimum... So any results will take a long time.

Are Microcurrents Worth It?

Line any new technology when it comes to beauty people will always have conflicting opinions on microcurrents and if they are worth all the hype. At its core, the technology behind microcurrents checks out. Your skin has muscle, and if a muscle is used it's going to develop. So by using microcurrents we can work our muscles and get a lifting effect on our skin. It's straightforward, so yeah, microcurrent technology does work. The real question is which microcurrent devices work as intended.

Pros and Cons

I feel there's already a very clear picture of how each device works, but going over the pros and cons again might clear up some doubts. So let's get real on this Foreo Bear vs Nu Skin comparison.

Foreo Bear Pros

  • It's compact, so it offers a great grip.
  • You feel the microcurrents at work.
  • It's more affordable at $299.
  • Super intuitive to use.
  • There's no denying it is cute.

Foreo Bear Cons

  • You'll need to buy your gel.
  • It stings at first.
  • You are more or less forced to use the app.

Facial Spa Pros

  • Comes with enough conductive gel for a while.
  • Has two unique conductors.
  • It doesn't need an app to set its routines.

Facial Spa Cons

  • It needs batteries.
  • You feel nothing when using it.
  • Treatments are spaced out, so you'll be waiting a long time for results.
  • The bulbous shape makes it harder to grip.
  • At $383 it is the more expensive option.

In Summary

All in all the Foreo Bear vs Nu Skin Facial Spa comparison comes down to two main factors: Price and Function. The Bear is almost $100 cheaper, so that's an immediate win. And when it comes to function the Facial Spa falls short again, I just don't feel anything. Microcurrents do work, and that's what matters here. But whenever I use the Facial Spa I can't tell if it's on. So even with some minor quirks like the App reliance, the Foreo Bear wins this match by default.

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