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Foreo Bear vs Ziip GX


Combining medically proven microcurrent technology with integrated app controls, the Foreo Bear and Ziip GX offer similar experiences to their users. Their key differences lie in the level of app integration and the intensity of their microcurrents. 

I'm pretty sure I speak for everybody when I say that we all dream to have a full spa experience at home. Going to the spa is amazing of course, but there are a lot of factors when it comes to it: We need to make the time, there might not be one near us, and of course, it costs money. Not to mention that nowadays a lot of us prefer to stay home just to play it safe.

So to truly get that perfect spa-at-home experience I've been researching and comparing various beauty devices. These handheld machines all claim to provide the best home treatment and in a practical package that is easy to operate and store. Today we'll focus on two specific devices, the Foreo Bear and the Ziip GX. Both of these are microcurrent devices designed to lift and rejuvenate our skin. So let's start with Foreo Bear vs Ziip GX comparison so you can know which one is right for you.


Are Microcurrents Trustworthy?

In short, yes. Microcurrents work under a simple but effective principle. Electricity can stimulate muscles and force them to move, and this is a tried and true practice in physical therapy. By lowering the intensity this process can be applied to our skin, working it and improving on its definition. This means that our skin will develop more muscle definition and as such, you'll notice both a lifting effect and a wrinkle reduction.

The Foreo Bear Experience


The Foreo Bear arrived in a fairly small package, but that was to be expected given the actual size of the device. The box is clear and only features the Bear with its cute design, but thankfully there's more to be found once you open it.

Inside the box, you'll come across the Foreo Bear itself, a USB charging cable, a stand, a traveling pouch, and 2ml of sample serum. All of this is what you'll get for $299, so how does it fare? Most of the accessories are functional, but nothing to write home about. I would much rather prefer a proper charging dock, but this works at the end of the day. The traveling pouch is rather thin so it's not quite a replacement for a case. And last but not least the sample serum is just that, a tiny sample meant to last for one use. All in all the Foreo Bear needs to stand up on its own because its accessories are rather plain.

As for the actual application of the Bear that's.., An unique situation to be sure. The Foreo Bear counts with an accompanying app and it's meant to be used alongside it. You can turn it on and use it without the app, but it's a much longer process. So you'll have to install an app, offer personal information and synch it up. I like my phone as much as the next girl, but it feels redundant to use an app to control another handheld device.

Once you finally get your bear going with or without the app it's finally application time. You need to make sure the Bear is dry and your face has been properly washed and dried too. Then spread the gel on your face and take the Bear to your face. You just need to put the metallic nodes to your skin and rub it firmly. The overall experience is kinda weird at first, but you do grow used to it. You feel the first contact, and I think this is due to the "Anti-Shock System". The bear is meant to calibrate its intensity for your comfort, but the intensity check always stings a bit.

Nonetheless, all things said and done the experience is pretty good. You can feel the current but it's not a painful experience at all. And as soon as I was done I could feel my skin was more firm and it felt different. It's lifting my skin slowly, but it's also lifting my spirits and I am pretty happy with it.

The Ziip GX Experience


The most surprising thing about the Ziip GX is how similar it felt to the Bear despite the higher $495 price tag. And once you open the box you'll come across an almost identical setup. The package includes the Ziip GX, a cleaning cloth, a travel bag, a USB charging cable an 80ml gel bottle. Unlike the Bear, there isn't even a stand so you need to get one of your own or prop it up on its nodes which feels like a huge omission. The cleaning cloth is a fine bonus, but nothing special. On the other hand, this travel bag is much more robust than the one that came with the Bear and the included gel is a proper bottle. The Ziip comes with a "Golden Bottle" which retails for $129, so that's a large part of where the cost comes from.

Now when it comes to setting up the Ziip GX... You'll also need an app and the Ziip is much more reliant on it. You can turn the Ziip on without the app, but trying to change any setting is impossible. So in that area, the Bear is the clear winner. Once you have chosen the right treatment on the app and cleaned your face it's time to start rubbing the nodes on your face. On one hand, the Ziip is a much smoother experience, there's no initial shock and the intensity is rather light. Maybe too light in fact, since at times I had to ask myself if the thing was on. On the other hand, the design does not lend to a very comfortable grip, it's like a soap bar and that makes some angles awkward.

So all in all how did it feel? The Ziip GX offered a pleasant experience, light current or not you can feel it on your skin. And I did like the overall smoother feeling. But at the same time, I didn't feel as refreshed after each session.

Pros and Cons

Foreo Bear Pros

  • It's more affordable.
  • Less app-reliant.
  • Offers a much better grip.

Foreo Bear Cons

  • It can sting at times.

Ziip GX Pros

  • Includes a complete bottle of gel.
  • Feels much smoother.

Ziip GX Cons

  • Completely depends on its app.
  • No stand whatsoever.
  • Has an awkward shape.

In Summary

In short, the Foreo Bear and Ziip GX run on the same principles and even operate similarly due to the app integration, so is there something the Ziip does well enough to justify the $200 price gap? Honestly, I don't feel that's the case. The bottle of gel is great, but at the end of the day, it's relatively irrelevant. There's no doubt that a good gel can improve your skin health, but microcurrent devices only use gels as a medium for their electricity, so the actual quality of it doesn't matter as much. And while the Ziip does feel smoother, it also feels less effective in the long run.

The Bear on the other hand is cheaper, much more comfortable to hold, and can be used without the app. Sure it can sting the first few times, but it's not enough to harm anybody. And you can feel the difference in each session. So for the time being I have to say that the Bear wins this Foreo Bear vs Ziip GX comparison.

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