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Foreo Espada vs Foreo UFO 2


Foreo UFO 2 is a great multitasking skincare tool that can be used at any step of your skincare routine. Espada is only about blue (acne-fighting) light therapy and T-Sonic pulsations. The former offers multiple light colors for different skin concerns, but it's almost like a nifty bonus and not the main feature, while the latter does one job and does it really well.

I know someone who spent a decent amount of Benjamins on a light therapy bed. Now, they didn't spend as much as if they would on an off-the-rack model since they DIYed the whole thing. Still, that second-hand tanning bed, lamps, and other bits and bobs ended up costing a pretty penny.

I had an opportunity to test this setup a few times. And holy spa day Batman, was it a great experience. I felt like I just took a dip in the Fountain of Youth — you know, the kind where you have to be in for 10 minutes at least 10 times to see some results.

What does this little story have to do with the Espada and UFO 2? Simply put, it's the same type of magic potion, just in a smaller bottle.

I don't have the space needed to set up a light therapy bed in my home (I could excuse the expense if I cancel summer and/or Christmas), and there are also so many times I can intrude on my friend. So, both of these devices sounded like something that makes for a good compromise.

But what they are and how they perform? That's something that I will try to explain to you below. But first...

Light Therapy Crash Course

The story begins with who else but NASA. Since astronauts don't get any vitamin D and other Sun-related goodness, they had to come up with something to solve this problem while they are in space. Enter infrared light therapy.

One thing led to another and not only did we discover that this blast of light is good for the brain, joints, muscles, etc, but we also noticed that astronauts started looking younger and prettier. As it turns out, this particular type of light boosts the production of collagen and elastin, as well as the skin's natural healing abilities. Fast forward a bit, and then we found out that the blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, yellow light fights hyperpigmentation, green light fights inflammation, etc.

It took a long time until this technology entered the home skincare device market. Now even a small device and only a couple of minutes of use can show results after daily use. But, not all devices are made equal.

Foreo Espada


The easiest way to describe this device is as a blue light therapy magic wand. It's kinda like all those things people used to tell you to put on your pimple to make it go away, only it works (and without burning or drying out your skin).

The Espada features two crossed beams of 415 nm blue LED light that need to do one task and to do it well: kill acne-causing bacteria. Blue light has been known for its disinfecting properties, and this wavelength is perfect for dealing with skin issues.

Outside of that. there is not much else to this device. It's a Holy Grail and Mana from Heaven for anyone who has been dealing with breakouts (whether during their teenage years or throughout adulthood). A simple device that is simple to use — switch it on and allow the red guiding lights to help you position the device perfectly. Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat up to 3 more times.

The only limitation is that you have to work one spot at a time. Other than that, it works on breakouts both big and small, ones that are not visible yet, the areas where you tend to break out often, etc.

This device will not "solve" blackheads because they are a sebum/clogged pore issue. UFO 2 is a better tool for that job.


  • Features dermatologist's office grade 415 nm blue LED light.
  • The light beams cross to treat the pimple from multiple sides.
  • Suitable for both the face and the body.
  • 2 minutes max to complete the treatment.
  • Paired with T-Sonic technology for better light penetration.


  • A unitasker (as compared to UFO 2).
  • Works only one pimple at a time.

Foreo UFO 2


Full disclosure: UFO 2 is my favorite Foreo gadget. The only thing it doesn't do is make your bed in the morning, evening, or whenever it is that you're using it.

Its main purpose is to be "a smarter way to do sheet masks", but it's capable of so much more. It easily turns into a deep pore cleansing device once you turn on the heat, or a quick relief and a refresher when you switch to the cooling setting. Plus, with the addition of T-Sonic pulsation, you can use it to get more out of any type of skincare product.

In terms of light therapy... Well, let's just say that this is not the best device if that is your primary concern. You're getting the full spectrum (red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, and cyan) and it's a great way to test out this technology or to give your skin some TLC. However, the lights are small and the device is on your face for a very short time. This means that results will happen, but you may need a whole month's worth of use to match the effectiveness of a single session in a light therapy bed.

The UFO 2 can help with acne by removing pore-clogging materials and with blue light treatment, but the Espada is better suited for targeted spot treatment (think of Espada as the sword, while the UFO 2 is the shield).


  • Multitasking device suitable for any step of your skincare routine.
  • Multiple colored lights for different skin issues.
  • Lights combine with heat settings and T-Sonic pulsation to address several issues at once and/ or maximize the effect of a treatment.
  • A complete spa treatment in only 90 seconds.
  • Connects to an app that teaches you how to get the most out of the device.


  • Blue light setting is not as effective for quick spot treatments (as compared to Espada).
  • Light therapy is more of a bonus and will require multiple treatments to reproduce effects from 1 salon session.

Which One to Choose

While light therapy is just a nifty little bonus wrapped up in the UFO 2 bundle, Espada packs more of a punch. If you suffer from a bad case of acne vulgaris, Espada is the next best thing to building a full-sized therapy bed.

However, if you're looking for something a lot more versatile, choose UFO 2. You won't see the results as quickly as with bigger devices, but it's still technically a full-spectrum skin treatment device that can fit into your pocket.

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