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Foreo Luna 3 vs Foreo Luna mini 3


It's been years since Foreo threw a wrench in the system. I remember numerous skin cleansing devices that came before, and some even with fond memories. However, I also remember the surprised Pikachu face I made when I realized I'll have to spend even more money on replacement brushes.

With Foreo Luna, that was supposed to be it — since it's made from silicone, there are no brushes that need to be replaced every couple of months. Not only that, but it was the gentlest and deepest cleanse ever. The ultimate skincare system, at least until the company released newer generations of the product.

The latest one is the 3rd generation. The core technology stays the same, but the devices are smarter and more refined than their predecessors. It's very easy to choose to go for the newer models, but which one of the two to pick — the full-sized or the mini one? Are there other differences besides the size? I'll break down a few things for you and hopefully help you figure out if one of these guys is a good fit.

Both Foreo Luna 3 and Luna mini 3 come with upgrades in form of larger brush heads and softer bristles. Both include signature T-Sonic cleansing technology and connect to an app that can help you find them if misplaced and teach you how to use them for best results. Luna 3 comes in different options for normal, combination, and sensitive skin. It also features a massage head and 16 intensity levels. mini is (as the name implies) smaller and does have fewer settings. But it comes with a 30-second Glow Boost Mode that makes for a perfect morning pick-me-up for the skin.

T-Sonic Pulsations — A Good or a Bad Buzz?

If this is your first time encountering Foreo cleansing devices, the whole T-Sonic pulsation technology may sound a bit weird. Is it real or just a sales tactic? In a way, it actually is a bit more effective than your standard vibrating face brush.

Skin cleansing brushes usually come in 2 formats: rotating/oscillating and vibrating. The vibrating brushes usually offer either mechanical or sonic vibrations.

As you may have suspected, sonic vibration technology is a bit more sophisticated than mechanical stuff. While mechanical vibration brushes still make for decent "scrubbers", sonic brushes are better "agitators".

Okay, what does this mean (without going into a science lecture)? Mechanical vibration may be gentler than rotating/oscillating brushes, but it's on par with them in terms of effectiveness. Sonic (and in Foreo's case, ultrasonic) vibrations penetrate deeper into the skin layers to help dislodge dirt, grime, and sebum.

To simplify this even further, imagine that your pores are a tube of toothpaste. Mechanical vibration would be you rubbing a toothbrush over the opening to get some toothpaste on it. On the other hand, sonic vibration would be you squeezing the actual tube to get the product out.

Foreo Luna 3


At first sight, Luna 3 looks the same as the original model, but it doesn't take more than a second for one to see that this time we're getting a bigger brush head. Such a tiny change in design, but it helps to cover more surface area. The bristles are redesigned as well and are now 30% longer and 25% softer. This makes them gentler on the skin and more effective at picking up grime and dirt.

The other side of the device features a massage head for firming and lymph drainage treatment. You can learn how to do those from an app that is available for both Android and iOS.

Luna 3 comes off as a device for those who had bad or unimpressive experiences with other cleansing tools. On its own, the T-Sonic technology gives amazing results, but you can further customize your routine based on your needs. You have your pick of devices that are suitable for normal, combination, or sensitive skin, followed up by 16 intensity levels. I like that I can use a range of lower intensity levels for a morning cleanse and hit those higher ones when I need to deal with layers of sunscreen and makeup.

Plus, if you use the device twice a day, you can go almost a whole year on a single charge.


  • 3 different options for normal, combination, and sensitive skin.
  • 16 different intensity levels.
  • Longer and softer bristles for a more effective and gentler cleanse.
  • Super long battery life.
  • Multiple massage routines with the app.


  • Price — it's an investment.
  • Lack of color options (especially for those who are bored of pink skincare devices or must have a device in a certain color).

Luna mini 3


If Foreo wants us to have a perfect image of a mini 3 user in our minds, they should pick today's hottest athlete for the job. Oh, wait, they did.

This device is a perfect gateway to the world of sonic skin cleansing. I found that it's more than good enough for younger skin, especially if said skin is acne-prone. I would not recommend it to someone with aging skin because it doesn't also come in a "softer" format (like the Luna 3 does).

Though it's named mini, it's not too tiny. It's small enough to fit into any cosmetic bag but still big enough so you can keep a good grip on it when using. Just like the Luna 3, it features 25% softer bristles and a bigger brush head.

The device offers 12 intensity levels (just 4 short of the full-sized version) and has bristles on both sides (finer for general cleansing on one, and the thicker for pore gunk extraction on the other side).

But the true MVP is the 30-second Glow Boost Mode. It's designed for that quick, perfect morning cleanse. It removes all the excess product and sebum from the night before to give the skin a nice wake-up call. Plus, since the treatment is so quick, I felt like it doesn't over-strip the skin or cause redness.


  • Super portable.
  • Bright color options.
  • 30-second Glow Boost Mode gives a perfect morning cleanse.
  • App connection — device registration, find your mini if it gets misplaced, and other goodies.
  • Signature Foreo T-Sonic technology without compromise for the device size.


  • May not be gentle and soft enough for those with super-sensitive skin or that suffer from eczema.
  • No massage head/surface.

Final Verdict

Unless you have super-sensitive skin or some form of dermatitis, the mini may be a better option. This goes especially for people who don't wear a lot of makeup or (if they do) don't use silicone-heavy products and super-strong fixing sprays. mini is also easier to stash away for traveling, comes in multiple colors, plus it's cheaper.

Luna 3 still has a few advantages though. A couple of additional intensity levels and skin-type oriented models will make sure you can tailor your routine to a T. There's also that massaging head that will help you get the most out of those expensive serums and moisturizers.

Outside of those differences, both cleansers benefit from the same type of technology and materials. So, in the end, your decision will hinge on your lifestyle and personal preference.

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