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Foreo Luna 3 vs meejee


The Foreo Luna 3 and meejee are sonic cleansing devices that rely on vibrations to clean your face of any external elements and as such improve its health and hygiene. The overall differences are negligible and they are both quality machines.

Nowadays it feels like every time I turn my head I run into a new technological breakthrough for beauty products. And I'm sure we all love having more options to take care of ourselves and look great, but all these new devices also mean that I need to be constantly updating my knowledge.

So here we are with my latest "obsession" when it comes to skincare, and that is the world of sonic cleansing. The idea of sonic cleansing is simple, sonic vibrations with soft and smooth silicone tips go over our face and help clean it. it's like those electrical toothbrushes that kids love but for our faces. But how well does this work? And are the sonic devices available in the market a good deal? Well, that's what today's article is here for, isn't it?

So accompany me as I explain in detail how sonic cleansing works through my experiences with the Foreo Luna 3 and the meejee. So you can make a call and choose which is the best pick in this Foreo vs meejee comparison.

How Does the Foreo Luna 3 Work and Feel?


So after making an order on the Foreo website you will come face to face with the Foreo Luna 3 in one of its 3 models. The packaging curiously is a clamshell instead of a box, but it's solid enough I wouldn't worry about any shipping damage. Once all is open you get the Luna 3 itself, a handy travel pouch, a USB cable for charging, and a tiny sample of their brand serum for you to use on your first cleansing.

All of the above is what you will get with your $200 order, it's kind of barebones but then again most beauty products tend to be somewhat pricey. Now the most interesting aspect about the Luna 3 and most Foreo products is the accompanying app. Companion apps can be great, but for Foreo the app is the controller. You need the app to unlock the device, to control its settings, and practically for every use. This means giving them a fair amount of data, and it also means I need to take my phone to the bathroom every time since the Luna 3 needs water to be used.

As for the cleansing process itself, it honestly is wonderful. Turn on your Foreo and set it up with your app, then take your favorite cleanser and spread it on the bristles, wash your face and turn on the Foreo by pressing the power button twice. Once it's going all you need to do is to rub the Luna 3 over your moist skin and feel how it refreshes your face. Keep this up for as long as the Foreo stays on and then process to rinse the device and your face.

I feel incredibly refreshed every time I use the device, and since cleansers do work the effects should be evident before too long.

How Does the meejee Work and Feel?


The meejee is the second device we'll take a look at today, and once I got it out of its small box... I got hit with Deja Vu. It's not unusual for devices in the same range to be similar, but the Foreo Luna 3 and meejee are twins. The same overall shape, same space distribution, they even share colors! To be honest, I have no clue which of the two came first, or if the shape started with either of the two brands, but the similarities are uncanny.

Contents wise the meejee box only packs the device and a charger, but it's important to note that this will only set you back $80 instead of $200. And the most shocking part is that not only does it look almost the same as the Foreo, but it also works functionally the same. Wash your face, prep up the device, set it to your preferred intensity, and start going over your face. Once you are done rinse both yourself and the meejee and feel great.

The overall experience is functionally identical and this even comes down to the results. I didn't feel any real difference when using one product over the other, and that's incredible given the price gap. Since the meejee doesn't require any app it's more practical to use. You get clear "+" and "-" buttons to set up the intensity at the front, and this is way more intuitive than any accompanying app can be.

Is Sonic Cleansing That Effective?

Generally speaking, the effectiveness of cleansing your face will vary based on the texture of your skin and your daily habits. Cleansing is particularly important for people who have naturally oily skins or use heavy makeup. It allows your skin to get rid of foreign substances and breath better, so it works. But it's also not a miracle cure for all skin conditions, and it's important not to go overboard with it.

When it comes to sonic devices it's important to note that the "sonic" is kind of a misnomer, if not a white lie. But their vibration is definitely enough to get rid of elements that our hands would normally miss. Not to mention that the vibration helps any cleansing products to better seep on your skin. So Sonic devices mostly support regular cleansing habits, but they do have an extra level of effectivity to them.

Pros and Cons

We are almost done with this Foreo vs meejee comparison, so it's time for the usual pros and cons list.

Foreo Luna 3 Pros

  • Turns off on its own so you don't overextend your sessions.
  • Great design and easy-to-see results.

Foreo Luna 3 Cons

  • It's $200 at retail.
  • Way too dependent on its app.

meejee Pros

  • It's only $80.
  • Feels just like the Foreo Luna 3.
  • Buttons are way more practical than relying on an app.

meejee Cons

  • Doesn't include a cleanser or any accessories for that matter.

Let's Sum It Up

So at the end of the day, both the Luna 3 and meejee are sonic devices that have the same design and feel functionally identical on my face. So where does that leave us? The Luna 3 technically has some more features in the form of its app and the included freebies. But the app is honestly cumbersome to use, and the included extras are barely noticeable. And of course, this doesn't exactly justify the $120 price gap. If you are interested in the world of sonic cleansing I recommend picking up the meejee, it feels great, it works great and it won't break the bank. And you know there's quality involved when the meejee can match the performance of another product that is over twice as expensive.

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