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Foreo Luna 3 vs PMD Clean


Relying on Sonic Cleansing technology both the Foreo Luna 3 and PMD Clean use specialized vibrations to remove dirt and spread cleansing products on your skin. Their differences largely lie in their components, but both devices offer excellent results.

I've always been a firm believer that prevention is far more important than a cure. We spend so much time looking for the perfect product to fix our wrinkles, blemishes, and so on. But how much time do we spend taking care of our skin before an issue shows up? Can you imagine how much easier would life be if we just had that perfect regime and didn't have to search for miracle fixes?

With that in mind today I'd like to introduce you to two unique devices made just for that: The Foreo Luna 3 and the PMD Clean. Both of these handheld devices offer a spa cleansing right at home, but how well do they hold up? That's what I'll explain to you in this Foreo vs PMD comparison.

Trying Out the Foreo Luna 3


Once you first get it the Foreo Luna 3 comes in a curious plastic clamshell package. It's an unusual package for a beauty product to be fair, but it's rock-solid so I wouldn't worry too much about any potential damage. Once you open it you won't find... much, but this is consistent with most Foreo releases. You will get the Luna 3 itself with its soap shape, a travel pouch to carry it around, a USB cable, and a sample serum of 2ml. The travel pouch is very welcome, and the lack of a charging dock doesn't bother me much since the Luna does have a wide enough base. But the serum will barely last one use, so it feels like an advertisement instead of a true extra.

Now in Foreo tradition, you need to activate the Luna 3 with its accompanying app. The app itself is handy, it allows you to change power settings easily and even set your schedules. But having to register for an app to cleanse your face is... A really weird choice. You'll need to share some personal information, which will put off many clients. And on top of that, it just doesn't feel organic. The Luna 3 is meant to be used in your bathroom and to be in contact with water, the last place where I want to keep my phone.

Once everything is done and said you just need to wash your face, apply your skin cleanser of choice on the Luna 3, hit the power button twice, and start rubbing it on your face until it turns off on its own. Afterward, all you need to do is rinse your face and clean the device.

The Luna 3 is an interesting experience. The app packs 16 unique intensities which feel... excessive? I love having options, but the touchpoints don't feel particularly different regardless of setting, Nonetheless, the process is comfortable, and I enjoy being able to spread a cleanser without getting my hands dirty. It's a nice experience and you do feel refreshed.

Trying Out the PMD Clean


If the Foreo Luna 3 was straightforward the PMD Clean takes it a step further. Once you open it you get the device itself and a small cap to support it. The cap is weird, I'm glad there's a way to stand the PMD Clean up, but it's so small I can't understand why they just didn't make the base flat. And if you are wondering where the charger is... Look somewhere else, this little guy runs on AA batteries. It's not a big deal and I have rechargeable ones at hand, but I do find it kinda funny that the box treats this as a feature.

Using the PMD Clean is simpler when it comes to function, but there are more steps involved at the same time. There are 4 settings in the device, but for the time being, we only need to choose between the first 2. Just wash your face and the device, apply the cleanser on it, and choose your power setting. Afterward, it's the same deal, rub your face in circular motions until you feel the cleanser has been properly applied all over your skin. Unlike the Luna, the PMD Clean won't turn off by itself. This means you might use up all the cleanser before you are done, but also allows you to focus more on certain areas. Once you are done, wash your face and PMD once again and... We are not done yet! You can apply moisturizer to your PMD Clean and use the last 2 settings to apply it to your face. Last but not least if you turn the device around and turn it on without any cleanser you can use it as a massager. This is an interesting feature to be sure, but I don't think there's any real science or technology to it.

All things considered, the PMD Clean also feels great on your skin. And honestly, both devices feel about the same. They help the cleanser spread more and my face felt incredibly fresh once I was done. The moisturizer settings are also a nice addition to get that desired firmness, but you should be able to do the same with the Foreo even if it isn't advertised.

How Does Sonic Cleansing Work?

So both the Luna 3 and PMD Clean vibrate on my face, but what does this exactly accomplish? In short, this is called Sonic Cleansing, and it allows each filament or touchpoint to vibrate at sonic speeds to both remove dirt and better spread any cleanser that is applied to it. It's functionally the same principle we use on sonic toothbrushes, but much softer due to the materials used.

In short, it's a fast beauty brush that both cleans and helps any products to seep on your skin. So it's simple technology, but efficient and thoroughly tested.

Pros and Cons

Let's sum up the Pros and Cons for each device right now.

Foreo Luna 3 Pros

  • Can be charged via a USB cable.
  • Has 16 unique settings.
  • Feels great on your skin.

Foreo Luna 3 Cons

  • Almost completely reliant on its App.
  • All the settings feel almost identical.
  • It costs $200.

PMD Clean Pros

  • Super ergonomic, I love the handle design.
  • Has 4 distinct settings.
  • Feels great on your skin.
  • It costs $100.

PMD Clean Cons

  • It runs on batteries.
  • Moisturizer and Massage modes feel like an afterthought.

In Summary

After going all-in on this Foreo vs PMD comparison I must admit they kind of feel like the same device. And this isn't inherently a bad thing, since the sensation they leave on your skin is marvelous. I'm sold on sonic cleansing after this and I feel we could all use one of these devices in our lives.

But when it comes to recommending one over the other I have to return to the basics. The Foreo has 16 settings and its app. But the app is forced on you and the settings barely change anything. On the other hand, the PMD Clean has its "Moisturizer" and "Massage" modes... Which are the same mode just used more creatively. So the real difference is that the Foreo has a rechargeable battery and the PMD Clean doesn't. Does that justify a $100 price difference? Not really no. Both are great devices, and I see them on sale often enough. So I would pick whichever is more affordable in your area and run with it. They are both great so just pick the cheaper one; which will be the PMD Clean most of the time.

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