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Foreo Luna 3 vs QYKSonic Zoe


QYKSonic Zoe is roughly 25% cheaper than Foreo Luna 3, but it also comes with fewer options to customize your skincare routine. The shape of the Zoe is better-suited for reaching all the nooks and crannies, still, Luna is made with better technology and materials.

It's no secret that I think that Foreo cleansing devices are awesome. When the original Luna came out, it completely turned my skincare routine upside down. In a great way.

Lately, there is no shortage of brands that have taken the original concept and tried to put their spin on it. One of such devices is the QYKSonic Zoe that promises to cleanse, massage, and apply your skincare products. Could it be the one to knock off Luna 3 off its pedestal, or is it just a pale imitation? Let's check it out.

The Sonic Showdown

Is Foreo's T-Sonic technology better than standard ultrasonic options? In this particular case, yes.

To make things clear, T-Sonic is just one of those terms that companies use to make their products sound techier. In short, it's a pulsating sensation that's supposed to reach deep below the surface of the skin, it's just a matter of how effective it can be.

Foreo Luna 3 pulsates about 8000 times per minute. In comparison, QYKSonic Zoe only reaches 6k. However, that doesn't make Zoe completely useless - just potentially less efficient. Since I know you love my comparisons, think of it as coffee: the darker the roast, the less caffeine will be in your cup. In this case, Luna is a Dark City roast, while Zoe is a French roast. Both will wake you up in the morning, it's just that one will pack a bit more punch than the other.

In this case, both devices will make for great agitators and make your cleanser work better. But, one of them is simply going to be 25% weaker than the other. The only time these numbers really matter is when you have to use a very gentle cleanser and can't use the device for too long, aka if you have very sensitive skin, rosacea, or another type of dermatitis. In all other cases, you don't have to worry about these numbers a lot.

To sum it up, both devices offer the same type of technology and the bulk of their difference will come from their shape, versatility, etc.

Foreo Luna 3


Luna 3 is the most recent update/generation of the original cleansing device. It brought us a larger brush head, bristles that are 30% longer and 25% softer, and an app. The last one may sound a bit gimmicky, but it comes with useful tutorials and other nifty features (like being able to locate your device if you misplace it).

Foreo cleansers are generally great performers, with Luna 3 coming on top. The most notable thing is that it comes in different options and you can pick a model based on your skin type (normal, combination, or sensitive). It also prevents irritation from overuse by automatically shutting down. Plus it offers 16 intensity levels so you can tailor your skincare routine to your general and/or daily needs.


  • Different models suitable for normal, combination, and sensitive skin.
  • The device now has a larger usable area with the recent upgrade, plus softer and longer bristles.
  • Better at multitasking, as compared to Zoe. The other side of the device is better suited for massage and product application.
  • Amazing battery life — a single charge could take you through the whole year.
  • Connects to an app that can teach you how to get the most out of the device.


  • Price — that old chestnut.
  • Shape, as compared to Zoe. Though the top of the device tapers into a fine edge, it can still be difficult to maneuver around the nose and other crevices.

QYKSonic Zoe


When QYKSonic first released Zoe, it addressed a couple of downsides that previous models of Luna had. As mentioned above, Luna 3 came with quite a few improvements. However, back then, Zoe could lord over it because of its shape and the usable surface area.

The shape part still stands. The top of the device tapers into a slightly slanted point, which allows it to slip behind nostrils easily. Other than that, the shape and bristle design are very comparable to a Foreo mini (first or second generation).

The device offers 15 intensity levels (only 1 short of the Luna 3) and starts on level 8 automatically when you turn it on. The battery life also falls a bit short, but you can still go months without having to recharge the device.

As for the app, there is none. That's fine if you have used these types of devices before since it's rather intuitive and easy to figure out. However, if this is your first cleansing gadget, it would be nice having a handy guide. Even though it's a gentle cleanse (as compared to a spinning brush) you can still overdo it and damage your natural skin barrier.

And quick bonus points to the company for eco-friendly practices and packaging.


  • Slightly more affordable, as compared to Luna 3.
  • Great shape — a pointy top that can fit perfectly around the nose and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fun colors (with matching charging cables — don't ask me why, but I found that to be super cute and pleasing).
  • The entire area of the brush head is actively pulsating (compared to Luna tat only has 2 touchpoints).
  • A multitasker, suitable for both cleansing and skincare application.


  • Weaker, as compared to Luna 3.
  • No options for different skin types.

The Final Verdict

If you asked me a couple of years ago, I would have said that Zoe is better without blinking an eye. Yet, Luna 3 was released and took the lead yet again. Zoe is still a bit more affordable and has a better shape, but Luna comes in options suitable for different skin types, has a better massage head, comes with a useful app, and has more effective pulsating technology.

Zoe is a great entry-level device and it leaves a lot of room for the user to outgrow it, while Luna's biggest issue is the price. Luna is difficult to beat on paper, but that matters little if it's outside of your budget.

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