Globus Triathlon Pro: Take Your Training To the Next Level

As an athlete, your intense exercise routine is bound to take a toll on your body. Regardless of how well you train and how well you eat, your body will require time to recover and — should an injury occur — time to heal as well. Globus Triathlon Pro can help with all of your muscle maintenance and sports rehabilitation needs.

Globus Triathlon Pro

In addition to improving the overall physical performance of extreme athletes like triathletes, the Globus Triathlon Pro can help your body recover from just about any exhausting physical activity, intense training, or sports injuries.

The secret to Globus Triathlon Pro’s life-changing effects: electrostimulation.

What Is an Electrostimulation Device?

Globus Triathlon Pro with another device

An electrostimulation device is a device that uses electrostimulation — also called “e-stim” — to send electric pulses throughout the body.

These electric pulses are similar to the naturally occurring signals the nervous system constantly sends throughout the body.

Electrostimulation devices simply use the same technique but have the added ability to target specific muscles and nerves.

By sending electric pulses, an electrostimulation device can contract the desired muscles or stimulate a specific area of nerves to achieve various results.

These positive results include relieving pain, improving blood flow, repairing injuries, or increasing overall muscle strength and endurance.

Why Should I Get One?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should invest in your own electrostimulation device.

Let’s break down a few of the top reasons:

Improve Performance

When it comes to athletic training, the end goal is always the same: improve overall performance.

Using an electrostimulation device is the extra edge you need to improve the overall physical performance of your body’s musculature and nervous systems.

By sending electrostimulation to the desired muscle groups, you can increase muscle strength while also helping your body recover faster from your physical training.

Relieve Pain

When it comes to sports and extreme physical activity, aches and pains are inevitable.

This is another benefit of an electrostimulation device.

The same electrostimulation that activates muscle groups also stimulates selected nerve groups to send pulses that relieve pain.

So, when a training leaves a part of your body in pain, you can move past it faster with the magic that is electrostimulation.

Repair Injuries

While it cannot perform miracles an electrostimulation device can help repair common sports injuries — another inevitability when you’re a hardcore athlete.

The same electrostimulation that targets muscle and nerve groups also improves blood flow to an affected area.

This increased blood flow helps the body repair injuries faster and more efficiently than with your traditional cold or hot compress.

Welcome to the age of technology where state-of-the-art therapeutic devices fit in the palm of your hand.

Standard Practice

The world of physical therapy is very familiar with electrostimulation devices.

In fact, electrostimulation treatments are now standard practices in physical therapy sessions for a wide range of medical conditions.

What Is the Globus Triathlon Pro?

Globus Triathlon Pro device

The Globus Triathlon Pro is a state-of-the-art electrostimulation device that includes over four hundred unique electrostimulation programs to help your muscles recover from intensities of extreme athletic training.

The Globus Triathlon Pro is ideal for athletes looking to stimulate their muscles following a workout.

Designed for athletes who take part in running, cycling, and swimming, it is effective for even the extremest competitors.

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How Does It Work?

Globus Triathlon Pro with cables

As an electrostimulation device, the Globus Triathlon Pro uses self-adhesive sticky pads that attach to the desired area of the body and send steady streams of electric pulses to stimulate muscle groups.

By targeting muscle groups with electrostimulation, the body is able to recover faster from training injuries or muscle exhaustion from intense training regimens.

The Globus Triathlon Pro includes 424 programs designed to help with muscle recovery and sports rehabilitation to best fit your specific training needs.

What’s Included?

In addition to the electrostimulation device, Globus Triathlon Pro includes:

  • Carrying case
  • Four cables for electrode connection
  • Two cables for microcurrents and iontophoresis
  • Four self-adhesive square electrodes
  • Four self-adhesive rectangular electrodes
  • Power supply
  • Operating manual

What Are the Benefits?

Improves Recovery Time

The key to an effective training schedule is consistency.

Unfortunately, injuries or sore muscles can hinder your ability to maintain a consistent training program.

The Globus Triathlon Pro, however, improves recovery time ensuring your training regimen remains as effective and efficient as possible.


The Globus Triathlon Pro provides a wide variety of programs to fit your unique training requirements.

How wide a variety, you ask?

The Globus Triathlon Pro gives you access to 424 different programs!

With such a range of programs, you will be able to find the perfect one to fit your body’s needs.

Easy To Use

The digital screen with straightforward menu options keeps it simple and makes the Globus Triathlon Pro super easy to use.

While the innovative device is self-explanatory, it also comes with an operating manual for your convenience.

Save Money

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on medical appointments, various medical treatments, and medications with potentially harmful side effects an electrostimulation device will allow you to achieve results without piles of medical bills.

Instead of going straight to the doctor for pain relief, you can use an electrostimulation device to target areas of pain and get relief from the comfort of your own home.

Not only are you saving money, but you’re also saving your body from unnecessary medications that can oftentimes do more harm than good.

The Globus Triathlon Pro will rehabilitate your sore muscles or sensitive nerves and has the added bonus of being able to share it with family, friends, or training partners.

Since the Globus Triathlon Pro is a multi-user device, you can share it with up to ten people.

Helps a Variety of Conditions

While the Globus Triathlon Pro was designed with extreme athletes in mind, the device’s electrostimulation is beneficial for a wide variety of conditions.

These include — but are not limited to — general back pain, fibromyalgia, joint pain, arthritis, menstrual pain, nerve inflammation, urinary incontinence, stroke, and recovery from surgery.

Rapid Results

Arguably the most important benefit of the Globus Triathlon Pro is that the results of the electrostimulation are the rapidity of the results.

While all bodies and conditions are unique, it is possible to feel better after just one session with additional sessions continuing to improve symptoms.

What Are the Risks?

The risks of electrostimulation devices are fairly low as they are widely used in physical therapy sessions.

Individuals who have a heart condition or who have some sort of heart device, such as a pacemaker, should not use electrostimulation as it can pose a risk to their preexisting condition.

It is also not recommended for pregnant women to use without the consent and supervision of their OBGYN.

Globus Triathlon Pro Price

The price of this revolutionary training device is $509.

You also have the option to purchase the Globus Triathlon Pro for 3 payments of $169.67 with Splitit at no additional cost.

Simply select Splitit at checkout and enjoy paying in small increments over time with zero interest or late fees.

Where To Order a Globus Triathlon Pro

To purchase your very own Globus Triathlon Pro you can order online via CurrentBody’s website or visit their London storefront located on the ground floor of Beauty Hall in House of Fraser, Oxford Street, London.

Order one today and get started on improving your performance and achieving your next-level goals.


Enjoy peace of mind with the two-year warranty that comes with the purchase of your Globus Triathlon Pro.

If any malfunctions occur, your Globus Triathlon Pro will be replaced at no cost to you.

Free Delivery & Returns

When you order your own Globus Triathlon Pro, enjoy complimentary express shipping (arriving in 3 to 5 days).

Should you change your mind regarding your purchase, you are also able to return it within 30 days of your purchase.

Please keep in mind: in order to be eligible for a full refund, your item will have to be unused and returned with all of the original accessories, packaging, and manufacturing seals intact.

Final Analysis

Extreme athletes, like triathletes, have extensive and specific needs when it comes to training.

Consistency is key in a training schedule, but effectiveness and efficiency are also high priorities.

Sore muscles, tender nerves, and unexpected injuries can all throw a wrench in a training program if you are unable to recover quickly and get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

The Globus Triathlon Pro is a device that can help you improve your pace when it comes to training.

It is a sophisticated electro muscle stimulation device that has over four hundred programs to help with your muscle recovery and overall sports rehabilitation.

While it is a state-of-the-art device, it is still user-friendly and simple to use.

Electrostimulation devices like the Globus Triathlon Pro are safe to use for a variety of conditions with the exemption of pregnant women and individuals with preexisting heart conditions or heart devices.

With a two-year warranty and free returns, you can’t go wrong with the Globus Triathlon Pro.

Order yours today and start improving your physical performance, your training routine, and your muscle recovery.

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