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Mason Pearson vs Christophe Robin: Hairbrush Comparison


Mason Pearson is the ultimate brand in hairbrushes and it's considered to be the Lamborghini of hairbrushes. Handmade and featuring the best quality materials you could ever ask for in a hairbrush, their products make your hair smooth, clean, and shiny. While Mason Pearson hairbrushes have been around for over 100 years, Christophe Robin is a relatively new player in the game compared to Mason Pearson, having only been established in 1999. Nevertheless, their hairbrushes are a cut above the rest with top-quality materials and craftsmanship that consist of traditional French workmanship. 

A hairbrush is a must in every woman's life. At the end of the day or before you go out into the world, you brush your hair to make sure you look clean, decent, and put together. That is why having the right hairbrush that makes your hair smooth, shiny, and beautiful is a necessity for every woman, and man, as well.

I've never been the kind to buy inexpensive essentials. I believe that investing in a good quality product means you get the best value for your money. If you buy something cheap, chances are, they will break within weeks or months. But when you buy something that's top quality, expensive, and luxurious, you've got a product for life. And this includes the hairbrushes I choose to buy.

When I was old enough to buy my own things, i.e. after I got my first paycheck straight out of college, I bought my very first investment, which was my Mason Pearson boar bristle and nylon brush. It's been 16 years since I purchased my Mason Pearson hairbrush, and I still use it today. I even use it on my son's hair.

But, because we as humans always have a tendency to want something different every now and then, I decided to buy another hairbrush. But I wanted the same kind of heritage appeal that Mason Pearson has, and I discovered Christophe Robin, which is a 20-year-old hair care brand that has everything from shampoos, to hair serums, to hairbrushes. And so, I gave it a try.

This article is a review of both hairbrushes, my Mason Pearson combination hairbrush, and my new Christophe Robin detangler hairbrush.

What Is the Mason Pearson Hairbrush?


Mason Pearson was established in 1885 and that means the company has been around for over a hundred years. They only make one product and one product only, and that's hairbrushes. They're so good at making them that the same technology they used when they first started is still being used on their hairbrushes today. Each product they have is made by hand, and that's telling you something about the craftsmanship that really goes into their hairbrushes.

My Mason Pearson is a boar and nylon bristle hairbrush. I chose this because I have really thick, long, and wavy hair. Sometimes, when I airdry my hair, it's super curly.

I love the pneumatic rubber cushion on this brush. This is the orange cushion that holds the bristles, and it has a hole in the tip to let air in. This flexible cushion gently absorbs the pressure when I brush my hair, which means I've never experienced any kind of pain brushing with my Mason Pearson ever. When I brush my hair, it simply moves with the pressure that I place on the brush.

The plastic handle is molded after the original wooden handle. If you want a wooden handle, you can order from the company but you would need to add around $100 for a wooden Mason Pearson.

Let me tell you why the Mason Pearson combination bristle hairbrush is perfect for me. As I place the brush on my hair, the boar bristles get to work immediately. They smoothen out my frizz, detangle my knots, and make my hair shinier. As the boar bristles do these, the nylon bristles, on the other hand, reach into my scalp, massaging my hair follicles, and stimulating blood circulation, making my hair strands healthy. It also cleanses my scalp from dandruff and other dead skin cells. And as I brush my hair from roots to tips, my Mason Pearson distributes natural oils all throughout my hair.

Mason Pearson's hair brushes are heaven-sent. And if you want clean, vibrant, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair, you have to have a Mason Pearson hairbrush.

What Is the Christophe Robin Hairbrush?


Compared to the Mason Pearson hairbrush, Christophe Robin is a younger brand. It was established in 1999 by Christophe Robin in one of Paris's most prestigious salons. The technology behind their hairbrushes comes from traditional French techniques, which involve hand making the hairbrushes by French artisans.

There's a lot of quality and love in making each hairbrush from Christophe Robin, and you can really sense it's made of top-quality materials even by just holding one.

Let me emphasize that Christophe Robin is not a hairbrush brand per se but it's a haircare company that manufactures all kinds of hair care products, from shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, and more. Their hairbrushes are just one of their products, but that doesn't mean the quality and efficiency are not at par with Mason Pearson's hairbrushes.

The hairbrush that I bought is a boar bristle detangler hairbrush. It's made of 100% boar bristles and the handle is made of wood. Boar bristles are similar to human hair and they contain natural keratin compounds, which means they are gentle on your hair, do not break your strands, and can make your hair smoother, shinier, and more voluminous.

I use my Christophe Robin hairbrush after showering, which helps to detangle my wet hair. I towel dry my hair and start brushing with my Christophe Robin after. Once my hair is dry, I use my Mason Pearson, so they both serve different purposes for my hair.

I love how soft my hair is after I brush with this hairbrush and I love how smooth and gentle it is on my scalp. It truly detangles my hair knots and primes my hair for styling.

Mason Pearson Versus Christophe Robin Hair Brushes

Mason Pearson's hairbrushes are iconic. They are found in the homes of women all over the world, with some of their hairbrushes being heirlooms passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter. The brand is the golden standard when it comes to hairbrushes and they really do make hair smoother, shinier, healthier, and of course, look more beautiful. But, they're also quite expensive. Not everyone can afford a Mason Pearson. or believe that their high price tag is worth it.

For me, Mason Pearson is really the best in the business when it comes to hairbrushes. Because I own one, and I have always lived my life with very challenging hair, it has been a lifesaver for me. No longer do I have to tie my hair in a bun as I did during my high school years, and no longer do I have to go to the salon just so my hair looks at least decent.

But, it doesn't meet all of my hair's needs. My Christophe Robin detangles my hair after I shower, and it helps to finish my curls once it's dry. You see, the Mason Pearson hairbrush is not meant to be used when your hair is wet. It is meant to be used when your hair is dry. So when you're showering or taking a bath, you can’t use a Mason Pearson in the bathroom. You can, however, use your Christophe Robin. if you have one. But you would have to towel dry your hair first. It's not meant to be used on completely wet hair.

The boar bristles are also soft. This means that if you want a scalp massage, you would need to have a Mason Pearson brush with nylon bristles that go to the root of your hair follicles. Boar bristles are very soft, like I mentioned, similar to human hair. So they don't really get to your scalp extensively. You'd have to add more pressure on your hair to get to the scalp.

Though I believe the Mason Pearson hairbrush is the better hairbrush, I believe my Christophe Robin serves other purposes for my hair, and that's why I need both.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Mason Pearson Hairbrush

  • Detangles and stimulates my scalp
  • Makes my hair smoother and shinier
  • Cleanses my hair of dandruff and dead skin cells
  • Removes frizz
  • Lasts more than a lifetime
  • Extremely durable

Cons of the Mason Pearson Hairbrush

  • Can’t be used when hair is wet or damp
  • Expensive

Pros of the Christophe Robin Hair Brush

  • Handmade by French artists
  • Made of 100% boar bristles and wood
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Add volume to hair
  • Can be used on damp hair

Cons of the Christophe Robin Hair Brush

  • Boar bristles are too gentle for my hair
  • Does not give me a scalp massage

The Final Verdict

A hairbrush is not just a tool to make your hair look decent and clean. A hairbrush can mean the difference between going out into the world and looking good or hiding your hair under a hat, scarf, or kept in a bun. If you can afford to buy yourself a Mason Pearson hairbrush, then I think you should. They will last you your entire lifetime, and so many of the people who bought them 20 or 30 years ago still have them until today.

They're efficient, move gently over your hair, while also giving you a scalp massage and stimulate more blood circulation, keeping your hair healthy and strong. It detangles knots and removes frizz, and the result is a beautiful, shiny, smooth, and healthy head of hair that's gorgeous.

Christophe Robin may not be the golden standard in the hairbrush market but they come close. Their 100% boar bristle brushes are a cut above the rest, as they make hair beautiful, bouncy, and voluminous.

While I think Mason Pearson is the better hairbrush, if you can afford it, you must get yourself a Christophe Robin hairbrush, too.

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