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Mason Pearson vs Denman: Hairbrush Comparison


Just like any other hair product, a hairbrush is a staple and basic beauty tool that you need on your beauty shelf. Brushes come with different descriptive labels just like other hair products. But how are you supposed to know which hairbrush suits your needs? Never worry, consult our guide to find out the right hairbrush for you between Mason Pearson and Denman hairbrushes.

Which brush gives better results? Luxury brushes are considered a gold standard considering how hair brushes are compared in the market. Today, we discuss two luxury hair brushes that you’re likely to find in a celebrity stylist’s collection, the Mason Pearson and Denman hairbrushes. While the Denman brush is excellent for blow styling, the Mason Pearson brush is great for a curly and more defined wavy look for long hair.

With vast varieties of high-quality hairbrushes in the market, it can be stressful to differentiate them. According to customer reviews, both Denman and Mason Pearson companies produce high-quality hairbrushes. In this product review, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about these two hairbrushes. All our information is based on both customer reviews and personal experiences.

Mason Pearson


Mason Pearson company has been available since 1885 and is widely known for its rubber-cushioned hairbrush. Its brushes come in 19 different types, with three different bristles. The bristle types include nylon, boar, and nylon blend, and they’re designed to suit different types of hair.

Boar bristles are ideal for fine and thin types of hair while nylon bristles are best suited for thicker hairs. The Pearson company prides itself on the production of high-quality hairbrushes that last longer, not forgetting that most of Mason Pearson’s brush elements are actually assembled by hand.

Features of Mason Pearson Brush

  • The Mason Pearson hairbrush is designed with high-quality materials to create a luxurious feeling.
  • The brush has a large size which makes it suitable for thick hair.
  • The brush does not cause scalp irritation and split ends on hair.

Why Should I Buy the Mason Pearson Hairbrush? Is It Worth the Price?

The Marson Pearson hairbrushes make your hair shinier and smoother and do not cause frizz when you brush dry hair. In addition, the Mason Pearson hairbrush can be used on both dry and wet hair.

The Mason Pearson’s combination of boar and nylon bristles ensures a gentle and effective detangling of wavy hair. The brush is also gentle on your hair strands and scalp. Check out the Mason Person hairbrush collection.



The Denman brush brand produces excellent professional brushes for hairstylists. Its brush collection is wide and offers a variety of options including travel hairbrushes and children’s hair brushes.

The Denman brush enhances shine, detangles, smoothens, and straightens your hair, making it great for styling your hair.

Features of Denman Brush

  • Denman hairbrushes have classic designs. The Denman soft hair brushes come with seven rows of nylon spins that are round-ended to provide softer and denser movements.
  • The brushes are great for blow styling.
  • The Denman hairbrushes are ideal for all types of hair.
  • The brushes have a sturdy construction which makes them durable.

Why Should I Choose Denman's Hairbrush?

Denman hairbrushes are high-quality brushes that come at affordable prices. In addition, the Denman hairbrushes are lightweight and therefore travel-friendly. If you’re looking for a hairbrush to give you excellent blow styling and a shiny look, look no further, this brush is for you! You can get a variety of Denman hairbrush at very good prices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mason Pearson vs. Denman Hairbrush

Advantages of Mason Pearson Hairbrush

  • Mason Pearson hairbrush leaves your hair shining.
  • The brush is designed to last longer.
  • It makes your hair smoother.
  • It eliminates static.
  • It gives your hair a defined wavy look, which most customers find more appealing.

Disadvantages of Mason Pearson

  • The Mason Pearson brushes are not mass-produced.
  • Mason Pearson is an expensive brand.

Advantages of Denman

  • Just like the Mason Pearson hairbrush, the Denman brush also gives your hair a shiny look.

Disadvantages of Denman

  • Some customer reviews indicate a little frizzy hair after brushing.
  • Unlike the Mason Pearson brush that leaves your hair wavy, the Denman brush leaves your hair somewhat flat or less wavy. However, you can still achieve curls when you work on wet hair.


How to Use Mason Pearson and Denman Hairbrush

While Denman brand owns a wider variety of styling brushes compared to the Mason Pearson brand, brushes from both brands are used just like any other hairbrush. Both brands produce high-quality brushes that leave your hair in great condition after use.

How Do I Care for My Mason Pearson or Denman Hairbrush?

If you want to take care of your hairbrush, whether it is the Denman or Mason Pearson brush, you’ll follow the same steps:

  • Keep your hairbrush clean without hair residues.
  • Remove hair strands from the hairbrush daily.
  • Clean your hairbrushes at least once a week by soaking them in hot water with shampoo for several minutes. Consider adding a few drops of shampoo to the water to make it soapy.
  • Remove your brushes from the water and let them air dry on an absorbent towel.
  • If you’re a professional stylist, we advise you to use a disinfectant to sanitize your hairbrushes before using them on the next client.

Final Remarks

Both Mason Pearson and Denman hair brushes are great. Your choice will not only depend on the budget but also your hair styling preference. If your goal is to achieve a wavy look, you may want to consider the Mason Pearson hairbrush. However, you have to keep in mind that the Mason Pearson hairbrush is more expensive than Denman, but it’s definitely worth your investment if you want to achieve a curly look and you’re willing to spend more.

If your goal is to achieve a flat look rather than a curly look, you might opt for the Denman brush because Denman brushes are excellent for blow styling. The Denman brush is affordable compared to the Mason Pearson brush, not forgetting it also achieves that shiny look you need. Lastly, keep in mind that both the Mason Pearson and Denman brushes almost balance out when it comes to the pressure they exert on your scalp.

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