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Mason Pearson vs Kent: Hairbrush Comparison


Mason Pearson and Kent are the Ferrari and Lamborghini of hairbrushes. They represent the absolute best money can buy, the top of the crop.

Mason Pearson, on one hand, invented the air cushion that makes each of their brushes feel like a caress rather than a struggle. They still finish all their products by hand, but also make plastic brushes. Finally, the company has a limited catalog. Kent, on the other hand, still manufactures every hairbrush from (sustainable) timber using the same procedures they did when they started and has expanded its catalog to 250 products. The Royal English Family uses Kent brushes since 1837; they are a rare specimen in a mass-production world.

We are going to go deep into each brand in a head-to-head article so you can make your pick and enjoy a nice treat every day brushing your hair like royalty.

What Is Mason Pearson?


Mason Pearson is a brush company founded in England in 1885. In that same year, engineer, inventor, and innovator Mason Pearson created the pneumatic rubber cushion hairbrush. With it, he created a new standard for an increasingly changing world.

With few changes to that original design, over a century of performance, and worldwide recognition, Mason Pearson is regarded today as one of the finest hairbrush manufacturers in the world. Indeed, their boar-and-nylon “The Junior” brush was once named “the Ferrari of brushes”. The brand was also regarded as “The most beautiful hairbrush in the world” by The New York Times in 2008.

To this day, the company remains family-owned and manufacturing top-notch brushes being sold around the world. It all started as the dream of a single man but cascaded into decades of excellence. You can learn more about the company here.

What’s the Secret to Their Reputation?

When talking about Mason Pearson there are two main aspects we can highlight.

To begin with, Mason’s invention, the quintessential hairbrush that set a new benchmark to the industry, is still built and sold today. Although small quantities of the wooden-handle models are made and most are replaced with plastic, all brushes are hand-finished to ensure maximum quality.

The second is that the company has remained focused and kept working in the same line for decades. This leverage of polishing techniques for over a century paid off and every Mason Pearson hairbrush you pick up will feel like a luxurious treat you can have every day. Plus, just like most products from that era, Mason Pearson hairbrushes are made to last a generation.

How Is It Different From Regular Hairbrushes?

Speaking of luxury and durability, it was this new approach to an everyday artifact that set this company apart. The air cushion beneath the classic orange pad is filled through a small hole on top of the brush; hence, every time you pass it through your hair you feel more of a caress than an effort.

Moreover, the high-quality boar bristles will perform every day for decades if you need them to. Finally, the line has expanded to include newer sizes, colors, types, and combs.

Mason Pearson turned the simple act of brushing your head into a luxurious treat for yourself; that is the secret to this company’s longevity and success.

You can watch an unboxing video here.


  • Gentle on the hair — Before owning a Mason Pearson, most people think it is a normal thing for brushes to snag, pull, tug, and hurt. Mason Pearson is an exception to that rule.
  • Flexible bristles — Because of the aforementioned air cushion, the Mason Pearson is capable of adapting to the form of your skull providing you a better experience.
  • Natural oils distribution — Every Mason Pearson featuring boar bristles will do a great job at distributing your natural scalp oils from the roots to the tips. This turns the hair into a glossy wonder and reduces frizz.
  • Different brushes to choose from — Besides offering different sizes and colors, the company also offers different brush compositions to accommodate different hairstyles.
  • It might outlive us all — Every Mason Pearson to ever leave the factory is ready to be the lifelong companion of its lucky owner.

Is It Worth It?

If you like brushing your hair and you do it every day; you will enjoy a Mason Pearson thoroughly. This is because it will enhance your experience and might even change your mood day after day.

The price tag is on the steep side, but it is also a lasting product handmade to excellence. The hype is completely sustained; it is a matter of how often you brush your hair to define whether it is worth it for you or not.

What Is Kent?


George III was King of England at the time William Kent founded his hairbrush company. The year was 1777 which makes Kent the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world that is still in business. For example, they were the main brushes supplier for soldiers during World Wars I & II.

Although it was purchased by the Cosby family in 1932, after six generations of Kents, this change of ownership did nothing but extend the legend. Nowadays, the company features a 250-item catalog including everything from hairbrushes to make-up brushes, and their world-famous shaving brushes as well.

Kent is the synonym of the best brushes money can buy. Their extensive catalog and premium craftsmanship earned them that reputation and the commitment to never compromising quality allows them to stay at the top.

What’s the Secret to Their Reputation?

The secret to Kent’s reputation as a brush manufacturer is no other thing than quality. Indeed, in this era of mass production and disposable products, this 243-year-old stayed true to its roots and won the long-term race.

In fact, it is the oldest company in the country to make it to the FT1000 list of fastest-growing companies in the UK. This is proof that their reputation is intact and it keeps growing, one fantastic brush at the time.

How Is It Different From Regular Hairbrushes?

We can say that Kent (along with Mason Pearson, and a few others) represents the best brush money can buy. They mark their difference simply by sticking to their old manufacturing methods. In other words, there is a lot of handwork in their production line which ensures obsessive attention to detail and an overall better end product.

Kent brushes are still handmade in the UK utilizing over 200 years of leverage. That sets the company apart from the competition.


  • Selected bristles — Kent sources its bristles from China and India where they can find superior quality.
  • Sustainable timber — The company sources the wood to manufacture brushes from sustainable forests around the world ensuring a green future and beautiful brushes.
  • Rubber cushion — The rubber cushion invented by Mason Pearson is used in some of Kent’s hairbrushes.
  • No tugging or pulling — Because of the fine craftsmanship, top-notch materials, and the rubber cushion, using a Kent brush on your hear is pure bliss.
  • Broad catalog — You’ll doubtlessly find a Kent product to address your need amid a 250-product catalog.
  • They last forever — That is the motto under which every Kent product leaves the factory; accompanying their lucky owner for decades, not months.

Is It Worth It?

Again, Kent brushes are on the pricey side. You’ll find a steep price tag that might intimidate more than one. That being said, it is also a product that will last for decades, so you’ll have plenty of time to amortize your investment.

Plus, Kent holds the Royal Warrant since 1837, providing top-notch brushes to nine consecutive serving monarchs since Queen Victoria. If it’s good enough for the Royal Palace, it is good enough for your hair as well.

Final Verdict

Both brands enjoy worldwide recognition as being “the best money can buy” in hairbrushes. That being said, the two things that set them apart are that while one is dedicated to hairbrushes almost exclusively and included plastic as one of their manufacturing materials (Mason Pearson), the other expanded the catalog to include products for the entire family and stayed true to organic materials (Kent).

If you can afford them, you can’t go wrong buying either of these brands. So, pick wisely, and brush your hair like a Queen for decades; life is too short not to enjoy the beauty of your hair.

Happy hair brushing!

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