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Mason Pearson vs Wet Brush: Hairbrush Comparison


What are the main differences between the Mason Pearson brush and the Wet Brush? The Mason Pearson brush is aimed at being used on dry hair, whilst the Wet Brush is targeted to be used on wet hair, such as when getting out of the shower. Nonetheless, both of these brushes can be used on either dry hair and wet hair, and are very gentle.

They share some similar properties, but the Mason Pearson brush focuses more on distributing hair oils throughout the hair to make it smooth and shiny, while the Wet Brush is effective at detangling without breakage. The Mason Pearson is much more expensive, costing $175 in price, while the cheaper Wet Brush is generally a price around $10. Since the Mason Pearson costs this much, it can be expected to last a very long time, but the Wet Brush will become damaged sooner.


Sometimes with the vast variety of hairbrushes that you see on the market, it can be hard to choose which one will be the best for your hair. There are many brands and types of hairbrushes out there, made from a whole range of materials.

There are also brushes available which can be used for wet hair, after washing it, called wet brushes. Wet hair is much more fragile and prone to breakage than dry hair, so just using any regular brush isn't advised, or it could only cause tugging and damage. So what brush is best to use for wet hair?

A Mason Pearson brush is a special brush that you can use both on wet and on dry hair. Then there is the Wet Brush, a brush designed specifically to be used on wet hair. If you would like to find out which of these will suit you and your hair better, please read along to learn some of the main differences between the two brushes.

What Is the Mason Pearson Brush?


The Mason Pearson is a British branded type of hairbrush made with 100% high-quality nylon or natural boar bristles. This hairbrush is a timely classic and is designed especially for a wide range of hair needs, as there are a few varieties to choose from. The Mason Pearson brush is very gentle and promotes a healthy scalp and shiny detangled hair free of frizz, as it distributes the hair's natural oils throughout the hair evenly.

What Is the Wet Brush?


The Wet Brush is an extra gentle detangling brush made specially in a way that it won't break, tug, or damage your hair, which can contribute to hair loss. Unlike other types of brushes, the Wet Brush has soft bristles which will help increase the blood flow to your scalp, and it also promises overall healthier shinier hair. This brush is great to use safely on wet hair, but can even be used on dry hair as well to achieve soft, glossy strands.

Which One Is Better? Mason Pearson vs Wet Brush Comparison

The Mason Pearson and the Wet Brush are both great options to use on your hair. The Mason Pearson promises shiny hair and zero frizz by detangling in a gentle way due to its nylon or natural boar bristles. On the other hand, the Wet Brush is made of IntelliFlex bristles and improves scalp circulation, but is just as gentle.

The main difference between these two brushes is the price. The cost of the original Wet Brush costs around $10, whereas the Mason Pearson brush is $175.

Due to its high price, you may see a few additional benefits to your hair when you use the Mason Pearson brush as compared to using the less pricey Wet Brush. Yet this doesn't mean that the cheaper Wet Brush works less effectively, as the Wet Brush is one of the best tools you can use for thinning or fragile hair, and keeping it strong.

Both of these brushes can be used on either dry and wet hair, although the Mason Pearson brush is more targeted for dry hair, and the Wet Brush focuses on wet hair - hence its name.

Pros of the Mason Pearson Brush

  • Detangles frizzy, tangled hair for a smooth result
  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Helps distribute the hair's natural hair oils evenly
  • Extra gentle on hair

Cons of the Mason Pearson Brush

  • It is expensive, and some people may not afford it
  • For those who prefer volume, this brush makes your hair more flat
  • Some people may not like the sensation of boar bristles on their scalp

Pros of the Wet Brush

  • Extra gentle, especially on fragile wet hair
  • Prevents pulling and tugging
  • Detangles knots after the shower
  • Budget-friendly

Cons of the Wet Brush

  • Its flexible bristles may bend too easily
  • The tips of the bristles may be prone to falling out after some time
  • For the low price, this brush can become damaged eventually

Final Verdict

So in conclusion, which brush is more worth the buy? The Wet Brush is very similar to the Mason Pearson brush, as they both are very gentle on the hair and great for detangling. The Mason Pearson offers the extra benefit of spreading your hair's oils throughout your hair to make it smooth and glossy. However, it is very expensive, so if you are on a budget, the effective Wet Brush may be best for you.

Of course, the Mason Pearson will last for a very long time, while the Wet Brush might wear down or become damaged in a shorter period of time.

If you are looking for a brush that has good longevity and will smoothen your frizzy or wavy hair, the Mason Pearson brush is worth the splurge. On the other hand, the Wet Brush is an excellent option if you are looking for something somewhat cheaper you can afford. It is just as gentle and works to detangle in a way that will not tug or tear at the hair strands.

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