Menstrual Cup and Long Nails: Must You Give Up Fake Nails to Use Cups?

Inserting a menstrual cup can be awkward sometimes, but what if you have long nails? The idea of scratching yourself during insertion isn't pleasant, but many of us manage it. So, what is the trick? What do we need to know about using our cups when we have long nails? Here are some menstrual cup long nails tips to help.

Can I Use a Menstrual Cup With Long Nails?

It is possible to use a menstrual cup with long nails, whether natural or acrylic. The insertion method and care over handling the cup make injury unlikely. However, improper use and poor hygiene with long nails are a problem. You should consider if using menstrual cups with long nails is the right option for you. You can either learn the risks and how to avoid them or find a more comfortable alternative.

Using a Menstrual Cup With Long Nails: What Are the Risks?

There are two issues to consider when you want to use a menstrual cup but have long nails. They are:

  1. The risk of injury.
  2. The risk of infection.

Natural nails with rounded edges aren't going to do much damage, but there is still the risk that you might scratch yourself internally when putting your fingers inside your vagina. The longer they are, the more awkward it will be to reach inside and get a grip on the cup without poking the wrong places. Pointed acrylic nails and anything with diamonte studs are a bigger concern.

Then there is the risk of dirt and contaminants getting into your vagina from your nails. Long fake nails and painted nails are risk factors. Even short-cut nails can harbor dirt underneath them that may cause an imbalance in the pH of your vagina. This dirt could lead to irritation. If you were to scratch the walls, you might also get an infection.

How to Put in a Menstrual Cup With Long Nails

The good news is that with the right care, you can use a cup correctly without injury. The first step is to make sure that the nails are clean. Scrub them to get rid of the dirt and rinse them off. You should wash your hands before using the cup anyway, so this isn't an inconvenience. It is also a good idea to file any rough edges and snags.

The trick to inserting menstrual cups with long nails is in the way you grip the cup. There may be a temptation to hold your fingers as straight as possible to make your hand slimmer when entering the vagina. But, this can allow nails to stick out and catch against the walls. Instead, you want to bend your fingers so that the fingers point inward as they grip. This position will bring the nails towards the cup and away from your vagina.

Menstrual Cup Removal With Long Nails

You then just need to remember to do the same when removing the full cup. Take care to point your nails away from the walls and take your time to break the seal and bring the cup back out. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier.

It is also a good idea to try and relax while doing this. Relaxing the muscles of the vagina means it isn't so tight when inserting anything inside, and the process is much easier. This should lessen the risk of problems and scratches. This isn't the most welcome advice, and we've all wanted to punch the medic telling us this before they get out the speculum for a screening, but it does help.

Will Long Nails Puncture a Menstrual Cup?

No. There is no menstrual cup long nails can break. Even the longest, pointiest fake nails won't be severe enough to damage the cup. About 60-80% of cups are strong thick silicone. So, while they are light and flexible, there are still durable enough for multiple uses. It would take a lot of force to break through the material and cause any leaks. The rest are mostly TPE and an even smaller amount are latex. But, the risk is no greater with these materials when you have a quality product.

The Best Menstrual Cup for Nails

Because there is no risk of damage and you can learn how to put in a menstrual cup with nails with any cup, there is no "best" cup. You don't have to switch brands if you have one you really like or try and find something more suitable so you can keep your fake nails.

I'm Scared I Will Hurt Myself? What Should I Do?

If you really aren't keen on using a menstrual cup with long nails, you will have to make a choice. You can choose between the cup and the nails. Or, you can choose to be brave and practice using both.

You could decide to forgo having long nails for the duration of your period and keep them nice and short. This is the best way to avoid any risk of dirt or injury. You may also find that your nails get a nice break to strengthen up before applying new acrylic nails. Then, you have the fun of looking forward to a new set once your time of the month is over.

Another option is to keep the long nails and work with a different period product. This may be a temporary solution if you want the nails for a big event, or something more permanent if you can't handle short nails. You may find that tampons and pads are more comfortable, but make sure they still suit your needs with your lifestyle and flow.

Inserting Menstrual Cup With Nails: Practice Makes Perfect

You can practice using both until you are comfortable. Practice getting a good grip on the cup and fold it correctly so that the nails aren't in a dangerous position. Be careful inserting it into position. Then, practice pinching it to release the seal while keeping the nails in the right place.

Can You Use a Menstrual Cup With Long Nails?

Yes, but don't feel like you have to. Using a menstrual cup with long nails is possible, and plenty of us do so month after month without injury or concerns. But, that doesn't mean you should feel pressured into doing the same. We all handle our periods and period products differently. So, if you read these menstrual cup long nails tips and aren't convinced, that's fine.

If you are happy to reach in with long acrylic nails and remember to practice good hygiene, go for it. If you want to remove your nails for peace of mind while using a menstrual cup then that's fine too. And, if you are in a situation where fake nails are a must, but the cup may be uncomfortable to use, you can switch to another solution. Always do what works for you so that you are comfortable every single month.

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