Menstrual Cup Starter Kits, 2-Packs, and Cleaning Kits

Menstrual cup starter kits, 2-packs, and cleaning kits are great if you're a beginner, if you're looking for that perfect gift, or if you want to save a few dollars. Starter kits and duo packs, in particular, are also great if you're not 100% sure which menstrual cup is the right fit for your body — If one of the sizes doesn't fit then most likely the other one will! Or so that you can use both sizes for different times of your cycle — One for your lighter days, and the other one for when your period is heavier.

Most menstrual cup brands today offer just the cup along with instructions and a bag or a pouch for storing your cup after each cycle.

But some offer starter kits, 2-packs or duo packs, and a few also sell cleaning kits.

Have you ever heard about a menstrual disc?

If you have and if you're contemplating buying one, but haven't made up your mind whether or not they're better than a menstrual cup then there's one brand offering a menstrual disc and menstrual cup combo.

I'll cover all four categories in this post and you'll see what's included in each kit:

  • Menstrual Cup Starter Kits
  • Menstrual Cup 2-Packs
  • Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kits
  • FLEX Discovery Kit (Menstrual Disc + Menstrual Cup)

Menstrual Cup Starter Kits

Menstrual Cup Starter Kits include at least two menstrual cups (except for Me Luna — They only include one menstrual cup in their box), a bag or a pouch (or a carrying case in Tampax's case) for storing your cup, instructions, and some cup wipes for cleaning your cup when you're on the go and don't have access to clean water.

You can also expect the following items in addition to the ones I mentioned above in one or more of the kits I'm about to list:

  • Cleanser
  • Cleaning brush
  • Sterilizing tablets (check out my article about 7 cool menstrual cup sterilizing methods including using tablets here)
  • Sterilizing cup (check out my article about 7 cool menstrual cup sterilizing methods including using a sterilizing cup here)
  • Lubricant
  • Glass tray (for your cup)
  • Free liners (Can you guess which brand?)

Pixie Cup Starter Kit

Pixie Cup Starter Kit

The Pixie Cup Starter Kit (the link goes to Amazon and opens up in a new tab) is one of the most complete menstrual cup kits that you can buy today — Labeled Amazon's Choice indicating it's a high-quality product.

It has pretty much got everything you'll ever need for your menstrual cup needs:

  • 1 Size Small Menstrual Cup & 1 Size Large Menstrual Cup
  • 1 Menstrual Cup Wash
  • 1 Lubricant
  • 25 Menstrual Cup Wipes
  • 1 Sterilizing Cup
  • 2 Storage Bags
  • Instructions

Tampax Cup Starter Kit

Tampax Cup Starter Kit

Next, we have the Tampax Cup Starter Kit (4 out of 5 stars on Amazon).

The Tampax Cup Starter Kit has the least amount of items included in their box so if you're looking for the ultimate starter kit then you should probably consider one of the other kits.

As a bonus, however, you get free Always Thin Daily Liners when you buy this box on Amazon.

What's included in the box:

  • 1 Size Regular Menstrual Cup & 1 Size Heavy Menstrual Cup
  • Carry Case
  • 10 Always Cup Wipes
  • Always Thin Daily Liners (Free Trial)
  • Instructions

Lunette Starter Kit

Lunette Starter Kit With Two Cups

The Lunette Starter Kit, one of my personal favorites, sits in between the Tampax Cup Starter Kit and both the Pixie Cup and Me Luna starter kits in terms of how many items are in each box.

Lunette also lets you choose your favorite color (Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, or Clear) for each of the cups included.

What's in the box:

  • 1 Model 1 Menstrual Cup & 1 Model 2 Menstrual Cup
  • 1 Lunette Feelbetter Cup Cleanser 100 ml
  • 10 Lunette Cupwipes
  • 1 Storage Pouch
  • Instructions

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Me Luna Premium Starter Kit

Me Luna Premium Starter Kit

The Deluxe Menstrual Cup Starter Kit Cold includes everything you need to get started with menstrual cups.

It's right up there with Pixie Cup's kit when it comes to the number of accessories included.

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 Menstrual Cup (Choose your size, firmness, color, and handle style)
  • 1 Sterilizing Cup (Choose your color)
  • Sterilizing Tablets (Choose between 50 or 10 tabs)
  • 1 Artisan Glass Tray (Choose your color)
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 1 Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser
  • 3-Pack of Stall Mates (Cup wipes)
  • Instructions

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Menstrual Cup 2-Packs

Menstrual cup 2-packs, multipacks, or duo packs are a great alternative to menstrual cup starter kits if you don't want or need the whole shebang.

Lena Cup 2-Pack

Lena Cup 2-Pack

The Lena Cup 2-Pack (The link goes to Amazon and opens up in a new tab) includes a Lena Cup Small and a Lena Cup Large.

Size Small is an average-size cup and size Large is a high cervix cup.

Saalt Cup 2-Pack

Saalt Cup 2-Pack

The Saalt Cup 2-Pack (4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon) includes the following sizes:

Small and Regular.

Size small is an average-size cup and size Regular is in the high cervix cup category.

Venus Cup 2-Pack

Venus Cup 2-Pack

The Venus Cup combo package (4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, 259 customer ratings as of today) includes a size Small and a size Large.

Size Small is for light to normal flow and is a good fit for those with a medium to low cervix.

The larger size is for moderate to heavy flow or for those with a medium to high cervix.

Pixie Cup 2-Pack

Pixie Cup 2-Pack

The Pixie Cup duo pack (Also labeled Amazon's Choice) includes a Pixie Cup Small and a Pixie Cup Large.

With over 3000 ratings on Amazon, it's one of the most popular cups.

FemmyCycle 2-Pack

FemmyCycle 2-Pack

FemmyCycle cups (4.1 out of 5 on Amazon) are considered low cervix cups.

So if you know for a fact that you have a low cervix then these might be the ideal cups for you.

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Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kits

Menstrual cup wipes can really come in handy when you're out and about.

And a cup wash gives you that little extra pleasant feeling after you've washed your cup.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit

Lunette Cleaning Kit

Of the more popular menstrual cup brands, as of today, Lunette is the only one offering a menstrual cup cleaning kit.

The cleaning kit includes:

  • 2 boxes of Lunette Cupwipes (10 individually wrapped wipes in each box)
  • 1 Lunette Feelbetter Cup Cleanser 100 ml

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FLEX Discovery Kit

FLEX Discovery Kit

FLEX is the only company offering both menstrual discs and menstrual cups to women.

In case you're wondering; one of the main selling arguments of the menstrual disc is mess-free period sex.

So if you're having a hard time deciding and you'd like to try both of these products for a reasonable price, now you can.

The FLEX Discovery Kit (Labeled Amazon's Choice with 283 ratings) includes:

  • 1 Menstrual Cup
  • 2 Menstrual Discs
  • Instructions

CUP-FIGURATOR™ — the Ultimate Menstrual Cup Finder

Find My Perfect Menstrual Cup Match

There are over 200 menstrual cup brands in the world.

And searching and comparing menstrual cups manually can be time-consuming.

That's why we developed CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Finder.

CUP-FIGURATOR™ not only speeds up the process of finding a menstrual cup but it also provides you with some handy comparison tools that will save you even more time and effort.

You can use it to see which of the cups listed in this post is the best match for your body.

Please note that not all brands have been added to the database but we're slowly getting there.

You can check out our online CUP-FIGURATOR™ app here.

I hope you found this post useful — see you in the next one!

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