51 Menstrual Cup Tips (That Actually Work)

It takes time to master a menstrual cup. But as they say: Every winner was once a beginner. Here are 51 tips and tricks that will take you from newbie to pro in no time!

Helpful Menstrual Cup Tips

  1. Tip 1 Wear a panty liner until you feel 100% comfortable with your menstrual cup so you don't have to worry about leaking.
  2. Tip 2 Place your cup below your cervix to avoid leaking.
  3. Tip 3 Trim the stem if it's too long or if you find it uncomfortable. Use a tool that is clean, and sanitized before trimming the stem. Trim no more than half a cm at a time.
  4. Tip 4 Practice inserting and removing your cup before you get your period.
  5. Tip 5 Use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.
  6. Tip 6 Try a different folding method if you find it difficult to insert your cup.
  7. Tip 7 Soak your cup in 3% household hydrogen peroxide to remove stains.
  8. Tip 8 Don't forget to clean the air holes when cleaning your cup to make sure it always forms a proper seal when inserted and to allow airflow through the holes to break the seal when removed.
  9. Tip 9 To clean the air holes, fill your cup with water and squeeze the cup to force the water through the holes.
  10. Tip 10 Buy a black cup to avoid staining or discoloration.
  11. Tip 11 Do your homework and make sure the cup you're about to buy is FDA registered, FDA cleared or is offered by a brand that you trust.
  12. Tip 12 Compare cup properties, dimensions, and other useful stuff in our database or via CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Finder.
  13. Tip 13 Don't throw away your menstrual cup in the garbage after 1-2 years like some brands tell you to do. A menstrual cup can last for 10+ years if you take good care of it.
  14. Tip 14 Use a larger cup for heavier days and use a smaller cup for lighter days.
  15. Tip 15 To double-check that a seal has formed and it won't leak, run your finger around the cup to make sure that it has completely opened. You can also lightly pull down on the cup, and wiggle it left and right.
  16. Tip 16 Try to relax when removing your cup. And plan ahead if you're a beginner.
  17. Tip 17 Determine the height of your cervix to have a better chance of finding your perfect cup match.
  18. Tip 18 If measuring your cervix is difficult, ask your gynecologist at your next exam to assist.

    How to Measure Your Cervix

  19. Tip 19 Practice removing and emptying your cup in the shower.
  20. Tip 20 Get a cup with a ring if you have long nails or use acrylic nails.
  21. Tip 21 If you have a menstrual cup with a ring stem, hook it with your finger to prevent from accidentally dropping it in the toilette during removal.
  22. Tip 22 To avoid staining, rinse your cup in cold water first, and then clean it like you normally would.
  23. Tip 23 The more thorough you are in your cleaning routine the longer your cup with stay nice and clean.
  24. Tip 24 Don't soak your cup in 3% household hydrogen peroxide to remove stains too frequently. There's no exact rule, but try not to use hydrogen peroxide on your cup more than once or twice per year — it'll last longer.
  25. Tip 25 You can safely pour the 3% household hydrogen peroxide down the drain when you’re done. The solution will clean your sink in the process.
  26. Tip 26 Store your cup in a container with good air circulation.
  27. Tip 27 If you haven't bought a cup already, take a quiz to find out which cup is right for you.

    Find my perfect menstrual cup match

  28. Tip 28 If your cup is too long or feels uncomfortable, flip the cup inside out.
  29. Tip 29 Adjust your position while inserting your cup. Place your leg on the toilette or try squatting.
  30. Tip 30 Obvious one here but read the instructions that came with your cup. Often times there is very good information in the instructions. And valuable tips!
  31. Tip 31 Don't place your cup too high in your vagina. It should sit low in the vagina (lower than a tampon).
  32. Tip 32 Partially insert your cup, let it open, then gently push it up into the correct position.
  33. Tip 33 Don't pull on the stem. Use the stem as a guide to find the base of your cup.
  34. Tip 34 Use a tissue to wipe the base before pulling it out if your cup is slippery and hard to grasp when you try to remove it.
  35. Tip 35 Make sure your fingers are completely dry before removing your cup. The drier your fingers are, the easier menstrual cup removal will be.
  36. Tip 36 If pinching the base of your cup doesn't break the seal, carefully insert one finger up the side of your cup and push it in to break the seal.
  37. Tip 37 Pinch the base of your cup as far up the cup as possible, as close to the rim, and squeeze it for a few seconds to give the seal time to break.
  38. Tip 38 Get to know your cervix. Knowing where your cervix sits helps you position your cup properly. Not too high and not too low.

    Female Reproductive System (Cervix)

  39. Tip 39 Be kind to yourself. Mastering a menstrual cup takes time.
  40. Tip 40 If you're out and about and you need to empty your cup, wipe it with a bit of paper, or rinse it with a bottle of water, reinsert, and wash your cup next time when you get home.
  41. Tip 41 Sterilize your cup between uses.
  42. Tip 42 Change your cup during your morning or evening shower.
  43. Tip 43 Use finger cots to protect yourself from getting cut by your fingernails.
  44. Tip 44 Invest in a nail brush to use while washing your hands to eliminate the spread of germs and to avoid an infection.
  45. Tip 45 Lay a couple of pieces of toilette paper on the surface of the water before dumping the contents of your cup in. This will prevent the blood from sticking to the bowl when you try to flush it away.
  46. Tip 46 Check YouTube for folding methods and instructions on how to insert and how to remove your menstrual cup.
  47. Tip 47 If you've tried everything and your cup continues to feel uncomfortable, try a different size or brand.
  48. Tip 48 Only use water that's safe to drink to clean your cup.
  49. Tip 49 Stock up on disposable wipes designed specifically for menstrual cups when you're traveling or camping.
  50. Tip 50 Use your pelvic muscles and bear down to push the cup down your vaginal canal to pull it out.
  51. Tip 51 Boil your cup using a whisk so that it doesn't touch the hot pot.

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