Menstrual Cups With a Ring

There are menstrual cups designed with a stem, a ball, or a ring at the base of the cup. Some cup designs are completely stem-less. In this post, we're going to focus on menstrual cups with a ring.

What's nice about a period cup with a ring is that it can be much easier to grab and remove compared to other cup models.

Specially if you have long or use acrylic nails.

The ring itself comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on brand and model.

And some find this type of stem more comfortable.

But how does it work?

Hook the tip of your finger, and pull the ring until you are able to grab the bottom of your cup.

You can then pinch the base to break the seal, and remove it.

Hooking it with your finger can also prevent you from accidentally dropping it in the toilette during removal.

Ring design varies from brand to brand and choosing one ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Let's take a look at some of these cups.

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Me Luna

Me Luna Ring Stem Red

The Me Luna menstrual cup is manufactured in Germany and it's been around since 2009.

It's made of TPE which stands for Thermoplastic elastomers.

TPE is a rubber-like material and has different properties compared to medical-grade silicone.

When heated, TPE has the unique ability to create a more custom fit by molding to your shape.

Another cool thing about Me Luna is that you can design your own cup!

You can choose firmness, standard or shorty, handle style, and size.

Me Luna is offered in four sizes:

Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

You can choose between three firmness levels:

Soft, Classic, and Sport.

Soft being the softest, Classic is medium soft and Sport is the firmest.

And you can choose between three handle styles:

Stem, ring, and ball.

How cool is that?

Merula Cup

Merula Menstrual Cup Ring Stem

The Merula Cup is also made in Germany.

But instead of TPE, it’s made of medical-grade silicone.

It has a more rounded shape to it and is a 5/5 on the firmness scale.

Which means the silicone is very firm.

One unique feature of the Merula is that the cup doesn’t need to completely unfold.

The bottom of the cup can stay collapsed.

Note that Merula cups don't have air holes or grip patterns on them.

Not having grippers can make removing the cup more difficult.

So be aware of that.

Regarding the stem.

Merula cups have a long, ladder-shaped stem that you can easily trim with a pair of scissors.

Formoonsa Cup

Formoonsa Cup Ring Stem

The Formoonsa Cup is a Taiwanese brand.

It was launched in February 2017 and is the first-ever menstrual cup brand from Taiwan.

The Training, Standard, and Large models have a spill-proof design.

Which means the top part of the cup folds inward to prevent blood from spilling upon removal.

The rim on the Training, Standard, and Large models is designed with a special area for an easier c-fold.

The Classic and Soft models are high capacity cups.

Both the Formoonsa Cup Classic and the Formoonsa Cup Soft can hold up to 42 ml.

These two cups are some of the largest on the market in terms of capacity — a great alternative for a heavy to very heavy flow.

All five models have a ring-shaped stem design that varies in shape and size.


FemmyCycle Petite Ring Stem

FemmyCycle Regular Ring Stem

FemmyCycle Low Cervix Ring Stem

The FemmyCycle features a no-spill foldable rim design.

The spill-proof design helps you not to spill/splash as you pour out your menstrual flow from it.

When the FemmyCycle is in catching blood mode, menstrual flow is funneled in thanks to the folded lid.

Another unique design feature that might seem a little bit strange, but that FemmyCycle says is nothing to worry about, is that the cup doesn’t need to open completely once inserted.

Opening up as much as it needs to is enough.

The FemmyCycle cup will still function properly and catch the blood.

There have been slight modifications to the design of the FemmyCycle over the years.

Today’s models are softer and the pull-ring is less bulky.

Also, unlike other menstrual cups, FemmyCycle cups do not have any air holes at the rim.

The FemmyCycle is available in three sizes:

Petite, Regular, and Low Cervix.

Intimina Lily Cup One

Intimina Lily Cup One Ring Stem

Intimina is a Swedish brand and its cups really stand out from the crowd in terms of design.

Intimina has four different menstrual cup models and one of them is the Lily Cup One.

They call it their "starter cup" and with its 21 ml in total capacity, it sits right in the middle amongst other "teen" cups.

The Lily Cup One is made of medical-grade silicone and is softer than average.

It has grippers at the base of the cup as well as a ring for removal.

Or an "easy-removal loop" as they call it.

It also folds flat and comes with a protective case.

Selena Cup

Selena Cup Ring Stem

The Selena Cup reminds me of the Me Luna cup.

Both its body, grip rings, and stem.

The difference between the two brands is that the Selena Cup is made of medical-grade silicone, which some may prefer over Me Luna's TPE.

The Selena Cup has been developed and designed in Austria.

And the medical-grade silicone used in these cups is from Germany.

Their production facility is located in Poland.

The Selena Cup is available in three sizes:

Small, Medium, and Large.

Flex Cup

Flex Cup Ring Stem

In October 2018 menstrual disc brand Flex acquired a menstrual cup startup called Keela.

The Keela Cup is a menstrual cup with a unique pull-string stem — you pull the stem to break the seal.

This pull-string stem design is now incorporated in the Flex Cup.

The new stem design looks and works slightly differently than its predecessor but the idea is the same — easy, and less messy removal.

The Flex Cup comes in two sizes:

Slim Fit (22 ml), and Full Fit (30 ml).

Peachlife Menstrual Cup

Peachlife Menstrual Cup Ring Stem

The Peachlife Menstrual Cup is a USA, Florida based brand.

The company's main focus is on feminine health products.

The Peachlife Menstrual Cup features a ring design at the bottom for easy removal.

To remove, hook the tip of your finger into the ring and carefully pull until the bottom can be grabbed to fully remove.

This cup is made of medical-grade silicone imported from Germany.

The Peachlife Menstrual Cup is offered in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), and 3 firmness grades (Soft, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm).

So 9 models in total.

Menstrual Cups With a Ring Comparison Chart

Brand Material Country Brand Country Manufacturer Website
FemmyCycle Medical-grade silicone USA USA
Flex Cup Medical-grade silicone USA USA
Formoonsa Cup Medical-grade silicone Taiwan Taiwan
Intimina Lily Cup One Medical-grade silicone Sweden China
Me Luna TPE Germany Germany
Merula Cup Medical-grade silicone Germany Germany
Peachlife Menstrual Cup Medical-grade silicone USA USA
Selena Cup Medical-grade silicone Austria Poland

How to Find Your Perfect Menstrual Cup With a Ring

Find my perfect menstrual cup

There are over 200 menstrual cup brands in the world.

And searching and comparing menstrual cups manually can be time-consuming.

That’s why we developed CUP-FIGURATOR™ Menstrual Cup Finder.

CUP-FIGURATOR™ not only speeds up the process of finding a menstrual cup but it also provides you with some handy comparison tools that will save you even more time and effort.

Or if you want to search for your favorite cup yourself, use our free database tool Search™.

Just type in your favorite menstrual cup brand in the search box, e.g. "DivaCup", or "Lunette", and see the results appear in real-time.

Last words

So there you have it.

All of the available menstrual cup brands with a ring stem design.

And if you think that we've missed one, drop us a line (our email is in the footer).

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