Searching for Menstrual Cups Made Simple With New Search Engine

At, you can now search for a specific menstrual cup using the search bar at the top of the homepage. You can also filter the results by brand, color, or a combination of these parameters, with the results coming up in real-time after each keystroke. The search engine is suited for both PC and mobile use.

Find my perfect menstrual cup

This post isn’t so much about menstrual cups, as it is an update about the technical side of our website. has just launched a brand new search engine, and we thought it’d be a good idea to give a little explanation about how it works and what it can do for you.

So for anyone who’s bored to death by computer talk, feel free to sit this one out 😊.

When we launched the site a few weeks back, it was just a simple beta version with no search function.

At the time, our homepage was made up of a looong list of menstrual cups that could be a bit tedious or overwhelming to scroll through.

Of course, you could always use Ctrl + F to use the Find function, but how many people know that trick?

On a smartphone, the equivalent would be to go to the menu and tap "Find on page...".

But no more!

Enter Algolia Instant Search.

That’s the name of the company/service behind the new search function of our database, and it's awesome!

Find my perfect menstrual cup match

So, What’s This New Super Search Engine All About?

It’s like a candy store for IT geeks.

And a great product too if you ask us.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten it.

But where this search engine really excels, and the part that’s most relevant for the person searching is the GUI (Graphical User Interface), i.e. the graphic components that make up the search function; search bar, filters, etc.

The Search Bar

In other words the go-to function for the whole site.

It’s the first and most intuitive element the user is expected to use when they land on the site.

And their main goal is to perform some type of search.

And in our case to search for a specific menstrual cup.

Often you can only remember a portion of the brand, product name, or description, and that’s where our search engine really shines.

It can come up with results that match either all or part of a search string.

Good search engines can even adjust for incorrect spelling and present the results in a clear way.

And our search engine does just that!

Some of the parameters that the engine is set to search using are brand, model, size, color, type of stem, and country of manufacture.


Find my perfect menstrual cup match

Filter by Brand or Color

Filters are another common feature of search functions.

Right now you can filter the results by brand and color.

If you want to further streamline your search, you can search for a specific brand or color with the help from the smaller search fields under each filter.

Filter märke

Filter färg

Find my perfect menstrual cup match

Upcoming Features

Both the search bar and filters can be further configured in the future, and we plan on eventually adding more filters such as material and country of manufacture since we understand these details are important to many customers.

We’d like to thank anyone who’s made it this far, and we really hope you find what you’re looking for in our database!

If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via email, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

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