vFit. Aging Is an Ass!

Sit back, relax, and listen up ladies, because I've got something fundamental to tell you. Before we start, let's all agree on one thing, getting old is an ass! Those fine lines around our mouths after years of laughing, those silver streaks of hair that begin to appear on the top of our heads, and let's not forget the hot flushes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness that comes gift wrapped as part of the menopause.

vFit device resting on palm

Damn Menopause

Not content with offloading those problems on us, Mister Menopause (most certainly a man) sometimes takes pleasure in weakening our pelvic floor muscles, causing loss of bladder control, incontinence, and loss of sensation in the vagina.


Right, back to the important news.

What if I told you that you could not only rejuvenate these vaginal sensations but heighten them to a point you wouldn't have thought possible.

Introducing the vFit, the little piece of ingenuity to help us women who crave a more intimate, pleasurable, and comfortable time in the bedroom.

vFit? Tell Me More

vFit device power on

Nobody knows more about our bodies than we do ourselves, with that in mind, it's comforting to know that women invented the vFit.

Not only designed with postmenopausal women in mind but also for those of us who may have just given birth and are in that period when our pelvic floor muscles are not at their strongest.

More Than Just a Vibrator

vFit features

Shaped somewhat like a vibrator, and you'll be pleased to know it does vibrate, but comparing it to a regular vibrator would be like comparing a Chevrolet to a horse and cart.

For years the only solution to our pelvic floor problems was to pay a visit to the doctors' to endure injections or laser treatment, a costly procedure.

Therapy at Home

What we have here is the world's first, and the only device we can use at home for the restoration of sexual health and intimate wellness: no more surgical procedures or costly doctors' bills.

Medically Approved

Oh yes, as I mentioned previously, this was solely designed by women.

Still, not just any women, oh no, these women are part of a globally trusted health and technology company, known as OBGYN.

Did I mention it is scientifically and medically backed?

Rest assured, we're in safe hands here, ladies.

What’s Included?

vFit package contents

In addition to the device, vFit includes:

  • USB Charging Cable
  • Travel Sachet
  • User Guide

Interesting. How Does It Work?

Find yourself a quiet place and mix the following ingredients.

A sprinkling of LED red light energy, one part soothing heat to one part sonic vibration, and around ten minutes of your time.

It's these magic ingredients that the vFit supplies that help boost overall tissue health by encouraging activity in the atrophied cells and blood vessels — otherwise known as "multimodal vaginal toning" for those of us who like a more exciting title.

Does It Hurt?

It could be a little uncomfortable initially, but that will soon pass.

The device's LED lighting and sonic vibrations offer non-invasive treatment, helping to tighten the vaginal wall, increasing hydration, and the opportunity to invite the fun and pleasure back into your relationship by increasing your sensations during intimate moments.

Heat, Light, and a Lot of Vibration

This unit has six high power red LED lights, and you'll be glad to know they're all UV free.

It's these magical red lights that stimulate your vaginal tissue, which will, in turn, help strengthen your depleted pelvic floor muscles.

It's the heating function on the vFit that encourages blood flow by the warming of the tissues.

Your pelvic floor can be strengthed by stimulating the vaginal muscles, and with the six-level vibration feature that the vFit offers, you can gradually increase the speed to suit your needs.

How Will It Help Me?

Would you be offended if I asked you a personal question?

I hope not as that's certainly not my intention.

Do you like sex?

More importantly, do you enjoy it, there's a difference?

No doubt, there will be varying answers to this question with some more complicated than a simple yes or no.

But one fact remains when we experience good sex, real enlightened intimacy, there is nothing quite like it.

Eliminate Painful Sex

For those of you who answered no, it could be for any number of reasons.

Maybe the act of sex is just a motion you go through now and then out of some sort of misplaced loyalty you have.

Or perhaps you're that tired after a hard day at work, sex feels more like a chore than a pleasurable activity.

Or maybe, just maybe, having sex just downright god damn hurts.

No matter how much you and your partner crave intimate moments together, having sex that causes you pain isn't helping either of you.

You can fake some things (that's another story), but it's difficult to hide the pain.

With the vFit, you can eliminate the pain during sex and replace it with those sensual and pleasurable sexual feelings you know you deserve.

Put an End To Dryness

As you know only too well, a lack of moisture in your vagina walls is going to cause some tightness down there, which in turn doesn't make for great sex, it's going to hurt, girl.

Using the vFit for 10 to 15 minutes a day for a month or so is going to make a significant difference to your sex life by pretty much eliminating the problem.

You'll have the added benefit of a water-based photonic gel that comes with the vFit to help with the process of curing that tightness and dryness that has been plaguing your moments of intimacy.

vFit turned on with lubricant

Don't think for a minute that you're alone with this problem either.

Forty percent of women aged twenty-five and over suffer from unfulfilled sex lives often due to vaginal dryness.

Source (Truth In Aging).


The stimulation the vFit gives you will boost your circulation, resulting in more natural moisture down below, meaning a more comfortable sexual experience.

Let's be honest; a miserable sex life is not only affecting us physically; it can also be mentally draining on our relationships.

So imagine how much the vFit could not only enhance your pleasure in the bedroom, or wherever else you choose to have sex in the heat of the moment, imagine the phenomenal change it can make to the overall wellbeing of your relationship.

No More Leaks

It's embarrassing at the best of times, but if we're out and about and it happens, it's even more so.

Because the vFit helps reinforce the pelvic floor muscles, which help support the uterus and bladder, it can eliminate those distressing moments of urinal leakage.

So How Do I Use It?

With complete ease, that's how.

For something quite so incredibly life-changing for us women, the vFit couldn't be easier to use.

Are you ready?

Ok, let's start this baby up.

  1. To turn the device on, you just need to hold the power button for one second.
  2. Now decide how long your session is going to last. Six minutes? Eight minutes? Or maybe go all the way and opt for twelve minutes. Whatever you choose, it's determined by pressing and releasing the units light button.
  3. You can now activate those lights by pressing and releasing the light button for two seconds.
  4. Remember that gel we spoke about? Well, it's time to put that to use by either applying to the outside area of your vagina or to the vFit itself.
  5. Lastly, insert the vFit into your vagina until the window where the lights appear are no longer visible.

Oh, I forgot — one last thing.

Lie back and relax in the knowledge that you're on the way to improving your pelvic floor wellness way beyond your expectations.

Be Safe

These things may be obvious, but I'd like to tread with caution all the same.

Don't use the vFit if you are either pregnant or believe you are.

If you're using drugs to fight cancer or medications and topical creams that increase photosensitivity, again, don't use it as it could cause a reaction.

And it goes without saying, never use the device if a sexually transmitted infection is present, by doing so will only aggravate it.

Finally, whatever you do, don't put it in the dishwasher.

There You Have It

Anything that can help us fight the aging process is welcome in my eyes.

Those laugh lines we've collected over the years or those wrinkles that have taken up residence on our forehead and that unsightly puffiness under our eyes — all things easily hidden with the right makeup.

The difference here is, we're not trying to hide something, we're trying to eliminate a problem that can have a truly adverse effect on both our physical and mental wellbeing, and leave our sex lives on the scrap heap.

The vFit has given us women a lifeline.

Think of it as your own personal lifeguard coming to rescue you and preventing you from drowning in a sea of despair.

Immense sexual pleasure is something we all deserve to experience, and regardless of past painful encounters in the bedroom, the vFit has arrived to put the fun back into your love life and thrust you into a world of unimaginable sexual delight.

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